May 27, 2015

Cliches In Every Digital Marketing Agency

Life in an agency is loud. Quite literally. It’s not quite a creative digital marketing agency if you don’t have people shouting out random things from their cubicles or desks or bean bags. Every agency employee comes with his or her own quirks and idiosyncrasies. And in a creative agency like ours, we see these quirks rear their heads more often than not.

There are five kinds of people who make up our team, and each has her own quirks. Here’s a sneak peak at what they might be caught saying from time to time!


The writer in every agency is forever looking for inspiration. Your personal life is never off limits to a writer hungry for content. What you thought was a harmless confession to a friend on a drunken night, might show up on a client’s social media as a juicy tidbit days later! And by juicy tidbit we mean a post that has you cringing and saying, “Wait! Is that…. my story?”

Cliches in content writer


The rock music loving, kurta wearing, politically aware, my-brain-doesn’t-work-until-I-smoke junkie is a cliché, but definitely true. We always go for the ones who look a little wonky. The weirder, the better. True story.

Designer Cliches Digital Marketing Agency


“Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.” - Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering

Seriously. Sometimes we think they create bugs just to test our patience and make us feel stupid. They are the most hard-working and qualified members in any creative team and also the most monotonous. To them, a spade is just that. A spade.

The Developer Bug Fixer


The SEO Analyst in every agency is like a hard-to-please client. You work all week to come up with a fabulous creative you’re sure your client will love and the SEO Analyst decides that the phrase you used isn’t catchy enough. The second most annoying members in an agency, they are the reason we work overtime on Friday nights. But, they are also the main reason our clients see fast results and we love them for saving our ass again and again!

seo analyst


“Remember, you only have to succeed the last time” Even if it takes you a 100 times to get there! The sales guy in every agency is nothing if not thick-skinned and persistent. You know those classmates you would run to avoid as soon as you saw them approaching? Yeah. They’re the sales guys – the ones who can talk your ear off and actually take money from you for doing it.

sales guy

So there you go! We’re all a bunch of creative misfits, but put us together, and we fit in just fine. Perhaps it’s all the quirkiness that acts as our glue!