May 22, 2015

Top Website Design Trends of 2016

Top website design trends of 2016 - Know about the most powerful design trends like flat web, preloaders, innovative scrolling, video etc.

Websites are the public face of a firm in the digital world and, with more and more people entering the online space, customers are doing an in-depth online research of a product or service before placing their trust. In such scenarios, if your website lacks that edge, you are likely to lose out on any potential business from the visitors.

Web sites should be able to captivate the visitors in order to turn them into customers and this takes more than having a merely functional website. Websites are a critical component of the business in its efforts to carry out successful marketing and subsequent lead generation and need to be well designed, easily navigable and facilitate quick understanding of the firm's value proposition.

So, what are some major website design trends that are in vogue this year? Let's take a look.

1. Mobile responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness/Responsive Web Design (RWD) alludes to designing a website in such a way that it is flexible enough to fit into any possible screen resolution, providing an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices - from desktops to mobile phones. But what makes this one of the website designs trends in 2016?

With the world around us undergoing a Smartphone revolution, it is more of an imperative than a trend. Apart from this, in mobile responsive websites, the text is always clear and the images look great even on smartphones, adding value and versatility to the website.

Responsive web designs have been gaining traction since 2012 and with the surge in Smartphone users, it has become a mandatory factor while designing websites these days.

2. Innovative scrolling: Innovative website design trends

Another one of the major website design trends is the innovative scrolling techniques - parallax scrolling & infinite scrolling. Parallax scrolling has evolved to mean many things at once, but what remains common is the use of page scrolling or mouse movement to animate certain elements or properties iofthe website.

Website Designing Trends

The above fruit juice website is an interesting example where parallax scrolling technique is used most innovatively to inform the viewer and keep him engaged as he scrolls through the website. Parallax scrolling gives the website a unique look and feel to it and gives the viewer a whole new user experience.

In comparison, Infinite scrolling is equally interesting. In such designs, as the viewer reaches the end of a page, the next section of content on the page loads automatically for the viewer.

Infinity scrolling in website

Innovative and interesting, these two design elements are increasingly becoming favorites among professional website designers. Adding more value to these designs are the reduced page load time and mobile friendliness of these websites.

3. Flat web design/ Minimalistic website design trends

Flat designs are simple, minimalistic design ideas that emphasize on usability. It makes use of open space, crisp edges, bright colors & two dimensional / or flat illustrations. Instead of making realistic illustrations, advocates of flat design go with simple, icon-like images.

Flat web design

(Combination of flat designs & parallax scrolling, 'For Better Coffee' gives its viewers a refreshing & thrilling coffee brewing experience.)

If a design serves no functional value, it is seen as a distraction to the website. However, just because flat designs are not ornamental or flashy, doesn't mean these are boring. Bright and contrasting colors make the buttons and the pop ups catch the viewer's attention in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, flat designs give the website a clean polished look, make it easier to use, reduce page load time and are mobile friendly.

4. Exciting Preloaders: website design trends

preloaders in website designing

These may be just a small part of the website but are gaining a larger presence in websites across the globe. With technological progress, we are innovating on our design ideas and are incorporating elements that might have been impossible some years back such as adding a high resolution video or picture right on the homepage of a website.

However, this comes at a price- increase in page load time. This is where pre-loaders come to rescue. As the page loads, visually engaging pre-loaders play their part of holding back the visitors on the page.

5. Play a video

When a website doesn't call for too much content, it might be a good idea to go for visually powerful design ideas. Maybe, welcome the viewers with an engaging video right on the home page.

Play video feature in website designing


(Enchanting Point of View online experience for Austrian Tourism)

Creatively done videos can add authenticity to your business and are great for mobile users. Videos provide an opportunity to quickly engage your visitors, allowing them a fast platform to be informed and pleased. Think pleasing your website visitors isn’t as important as informing them? You’re wrong. Today’s netizens want to be mesmerized and entranced. Videos are an effective visual content tool for intriguing your website visitors to learn about your business and navigate other pages of your website for increased awareness.

Today’s netizens want to be mesmerized and entranced. Videos are an effective visual content tool for intriguing your website visitors to learn about your business and navigate other pages of your website for increased awareness.What website design trends do you think will be big in 2016? Post your comments below.

What website design trends do you think will be big in 2017? Post your comments below.