May 23, 2016

Best Digital Campaigns of 2016 Quarter - 1

In today’s world, the digital platform is an inescapable platform; be it through television, mobile, laptops tablets and many more. We are exposed to everything digital. Needless to say, the same principle applies when we talk about digital campaigns, their reach and subsequent effect on users. In this article we will focus on few of the best ones and the reasons behind.

1. #GoodSleepIs by Kurl-On

Under this initiative Kurl-On launched #GoodSleepIs campaign, with their main focus being World sleep day, i.e. March 18. They asked people what a good night’s sleep meant to them as a weeklong competition whose responses were made into beautifully appealing posts and also was turned into a sleep anthem video. The efficiency of their campaign can be measured by the stats as they received a total of 1,129 re-tweets with 458 unique participants and the campaign trended on Twitter for 5 hours on #2. Their campaign thought and execution shows how a simple idea can be so efficiently used to communicate your core brand message to a larger audience. They amplified their campaign well with creative posts tagging each person who shared their thoughts and also made a sleep anthem.

2. #MemoriesForLife by HDFC life

HDFC life came up with a beautiful idea of connecting a person to his/her loved ones without the restraint of time. Unlike the usual campaigns, this one is a long term campaign that was launched in the first quarter with a vision to build a common platform for everyone where they can come, record a message, be it a video message or a scrapbook of photos which they can then choose to be mailed to their family or friends on a particular date in future. Being a life insurance company they know the need of emotional connect in their advertisement and they have portrayed it well with a moving video of a Father’s message that reaches his son on his birthday, years after he passed away telling him all about life and the little important things. This campaign scores a lot of brownie points just because they have very aptly captured the essence of their brand message “sar utha ke jiyo” and combined it with the value of relationships to send a beautiful message.

3. #KhulKeKheloHoli by Parachute

Parachute wanted to put the spotlight on Holi and how everybody should shed their inhibitions while celebrating it this year. They created a 3 minute long video of an old man in an old age home that just wants to celebrate holi but how people around him don’t think of it as age appropriate. The digital amplification of this touching video is something that garnered a lot of engagement. Parachute organized two contests. In one the brand invited people to share a dubsmash of their favorite song and in the other Holi selfies were the theme. The brand garnered 5-6 million views with very high post engagement. All the brownie points in the world to them for building the connect, executing with brilliance and amplifying the campaign to the best. There are thousands of brands catering to a diverse audience coming up with a variety of campaigns to build a connect with their customers, to increase brand awareness and many more such reasons. This article is an analysis of few of them to showcase how well their message has been communicated & received.