April 12, 2024

Eve’s Way of Advertising to GenZ Women

How Cipla Health’s EveXpert gained a 300% Surge in Engagement and a 1000% Boost in Reach by communicating with GenZ the right way? Eve’s Way of Advertising to GenZ Women In 2022, Cipla Health unveiled EveXpert, their feminine hygiene and care brand, and we were the creative force behind its digital launch. Here’s how we skillfully crafted the brand's digital presence, honing in on a specific consumer base, the GenZ women, to weave a community of empowered Eves.
Table of Contents:
  • Decoding the GenZ purchase mindset
  • Why Target GenZ Women & How?
  • Establishing Relatability through Representation
  • Speaking Like They Do: Memes & More
  • Beyond Influencing, Including the audience

Decoding the GenZ purchase mindset

GenZ purchase mindset Marketing to a generation that’s extremely aware yet easily influenced requires ideating within the Venn diagram of “Exponential Value” and “Extreme Honesty”. Gen Z's purchase mindset is characterized by a demand for authenticity, social consciousness, and a preference for experiences over ownership. Influenced heavily by digital platforms and social media, they seek personalized, tech-savvy, and inclusive brand interactions. Gen Z values ethical and sustainable practices, while also being price-conscious. Their desire for instant gratification and a strong emphasis on diversity make them a unique consumer demographic. So, Why Target GenZ Women & How? Target GenZ In the bustling world of healthcare and wellness, EveXpert, as a feminine hygiene and care brand under the pharmaceutical giant Cipla Health, decided to play a crucial role in the lives of women. With the brand's key message echoing, "You Take Care Of You," EveXpert wished to position itself as the Wise and Supportive BFF. The first step to enable an introduction of the brand in a heavily occupied market was to identify our brand differentiators. Beyond Cipla Health’s expertise in care and a range of affordable, need-focused product offerings, we identified a key-major differentiator for the brand in its targeting to young GenZ Women. The strategic decision to create the brand communication with an uncompromised focus on a skewed consumer set was backed by the following reasons:
  1. Progressive Values: Gen Z is often characterized by progressive values and a commitment to inclusivity. By aligning your brand with these values, you can create a positive image and resonate with the preferences of this demographic.
  2. Digital Savvy: Gen Z is the first generation to grow up in a fully digital world. They are highly active on social media platforms, making it easier for your brand to reach and engage with them through digital marketing channels.
  3. Early Adopters: Gen Z individuals are generally early adopters of new trends and products. Targeting them during the launch phase allows your brand to gain traction quickly and build a loyal customer base.
  4. Brand Loyalty: Establishing brand loyalty early on is crucial. Gen Z tends to support brands that align with their values and provide a unique and authentic experience. If your brand resonates with them from the start, you're more likely to build long-term loyalty.
  5. Influence on Purchasing Decisions: Gen Z has a significant influence on the purchasing decisions of their peers and even older generations. If your brand can capture the attention and approval of Gen Z women, it may lead to word-of-mouth marketing and increased brand awareness.
To capture their loyalty, brands must prioritize transparency, social responsibility, innovative technology, and meaningful, inclusive experiences. So, to build a social-communal affinity among our target audience and the brand, we took the following measures, which proved to be the stepping stone into defining EveXpert's purpose and personality:

Relatability Through Representation:

Two Happy Genz Women We began by conceptualizing and conducting a lifestyle photoshoot that beautifully depicted the audience's desires, the brand's role in their lives, and the persona of a BFF that EveXpert aimed to embody. Through visually compelling imagery, the brand showcased the importance of self-care and the genuine companionship EveXpert offered, creating a visual narrative that resonated with the young women. Relatability Through Representation - Eve’s Way of Advertising to GenZ Women

Speaking like they do: Memes & More

EveXpert's digital presence began with a thoughtful approach to social media enablement. The brand understood the significance of speaking the language of its sisters – the young urban women it aimed to connect with. The content strategy was meticulously crafted to resonate with the audience, serving as a virtual introduction that immediately communicated the brand's role as a confidante and ally in the journey of self-care. key message By embracing a tone that felt like a conversation between friends, through content formats such as Instagram Reels and Memes, we enabled a lighthearted way to connect with Gen Z's digital culture, showcasing the brand's personality and cultural awareness, which helped EveXpert's social media became an open invitation for women to confide in their virtual BFF. instagram grid We also strategically leveraged various social media platforms, recognizing that each had its unique strengths and offered different opportunities for engagement. From Instagram's visually rich content to YouTube’s impactful messaging, we ensured a diverse and tailored approach to cater to the preferences of its audience. Regular posts, stories, and interactive content further solidified the brand's presence as not just a product but a lifestyle and a community. social media platfrom EveXpert's digital strategy extended beyond social media, encompassing a lively introduction on e-commerce platforms. The brand recognized the significance of Amazon as a key player in the digital retail space and curated eye-catching store banners that conveyed the essence of EveXpert. These banners were not just about showcasing products; they were an extension of the brand's personality – vibrant, supportive, and always there for its sisters. eve expert banner

Beyond Influencing, Including the Audience

Building on the brand’s foundation, we launched a Women's Day campaign to engage and empower our BFFs, titled "I Believe I Deserve." The campaign aimed to stir a conversation among young women by acknowledging and vocalizing the things they rightfully deserve in their lives, with the best self-care being a prominent focus. eve expert creatives The messaging revolved around the idea that true femininity involves acknowledging and honoring one's needs, emphasizing that taking care of oneself is not selfish but a necessary act of self-love. Through this campaign, we sought to inspire women to prioritize their well-being and embrace EveXpert as an essential part of their self-care routine. The campaign incorporated various elements, including social media posts, interactive contests, influencer collaborations and gifting with exclusive packaging, and engaging video content. social media content  social media contents We succeeded in creating a buzz around EveXpert, not only by addressing the product's benefits but also by fostering a sense of community and shared experiences. It enabled a 300% growth in engagement and a 1000% increase in average reach. social media engagement The relatable content and honest conversations generated a positive response, with women expressing gratitude for the brand's efforts to celebrate and uplift them. The success of EveXpert's marketing strategy lies in its ability to transcend traditional product promotion. By tapping into the emotional needs of its target audience, the brand positioned itself not just as a provider of feminine hygiene products but as a companion on the journey of self-discovery and self-care. EveXpert has effectively transformed its relationship with young urban women, becoming a trusted confidante and genuine friend in pursuing true femininity.

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