April 26, 2024

Rebuilding Trust in Legacy Brands: The Endura Mass Comeback Story

Here’s how Endura Mass rose from the ashes with a rejuvenated identity and an effective digital strategy. endura mass In 2022, Cipla Health Limited announced the definite acquisition of Endura Mass and all related trademarks. Here’s how we strategically brought back the nutrition supplement brand on the digital front.

Table of Contents:

  • Navigating the Weight Gain Landscape in India.
  • Embracing the Caregiver Role.
  • #WeightGainAbEasy: Transformative Trends in the Pursuit of Weight Management.

Navigating the Weight Gain Landscape in India

Endura Mass has been India’s most trusted weight-gainer for over 20 years. It is used by Indian youth to uplift their confidence for job interviews, marriage suits and their dream of participating in Indian defence services. But, does the Indian Youth still believe in the idea of altering their identity to enhance their societal standing and self-confidence? If we witness the trends in an urban setting, the answer may be no. However, the reality looks different. Weight Gain Landscape In the tapestry of India's youth, a concerning trend unfolds—BMI is on a downward spiral. Blame it on the sedentary lifestyle, the lack of physical vigour, and the virtual cocoon shielding them from real-world interactions. While tier 1 cities have swiftly pivoted towards holistic wellness post-pandemic, SEC B households of India remain focused on appearance over well-being. Now, the uninformed youth of India finds solace in the swift results offered by nutritional supplements. And, at the core of this decision lies a simple problem of lack of self-confidence. lack of self-confidence

Embracing the caregiver role:

Embracing the caregiver role Upon a thorough survey of EnduraMass’ presence on digital platforms, we found that even though our audience preferred the brand for its taste, affordability, and for offering a 100% vegetarian solution for weight gain; questions like ‘Would it have any side effects?’, How long will I have to consume the product for an evident outcome?’, etc. kept them for buying into the product. Like in most scenarios in life, the existence of these questions wasn’t the driver for our audience's lack of trust in the product. Then what was? Unavailability of reliable answers. And, so in this human & brand problem of ‘lack of confidence’,  the insight to build our communication comes alive. That is, those dealing with a lack of self-confidence can only find comfort once they take it upon themselves to tame the source of their insecurities. For our audience, it means consuming the right nutrition to help gain weight; as for Endura mass - to inform the public’s opinions about the brand by proving product effectiveness. lack of self confidence product comfort in control Control over identity not only fortifies the brand's value but also weaves an unbreakable bond of trust with consumers. Crafted through a purposeful brand narrative and responsive interactions, it thrives on sustained online engagement. We carefully curated concepts for social media and responses to audience interaction to convey a friendly, informative, and reassuring persona. We were able to make Endura Mass an affordable virtual ally that inspires users to embark on their weight gain journey.

Bringing The Strategy Into Action: 

A simple way of gaining control of one’s narrative is to say things we believe. As a brand focused on providing a meaningful solution to people’s problems by caring for them, stepping into the role of a relatable caregiver was an easy shift that transformed the brand’s presence. Here's how we approached embodying this persona within the realm of social media marketing and SEO. We strategically employed the triad of influence: Education, Motivation, and Relatability. By incorporating meticulously phrased responses and setting a tone that resonates with a younger demographic, we effectively engaged with our audiences. We aspired for greater heights, seeking to enhance our content reach across all digital platforms. To achieve this, we formed partnerships with Tier 3 influencers, actively participated in ongoing conversations, debunked myths surrounding our product, provided enticing recipes for easy consumption, and shared authentic stories illustrating the tangible impact of the product. This multi-pronged strategy aimed to cultivate relatability and instil confidence among our audience. In tandem, we executed a comprehensive 360-degree launch strategy. This encompassed sub-branding through design and copy, establishing the category unit, creating compelling A+ banners, participating in social media dialogues, and orchestrating collaborations with influencers. Our approach extended to outdoor activations, digital innovations, and more - ensuring our brand's holistic and impactful positioning.

Tackling Search to Improve Sentiment

Answers obtained by our audience upon product-related web searches were a key contributor to their declining trust in the product. By strategically enhancing SEO to achieve a higher ranking and capitalising on valuable insights, we prioritised educational content - including blogs and videos - to attract traffic related to popular search terms such as food, protein powder, and high-calorie foods. Recognizing its brand prominence, especially as the most-searched keyword in the category, the company aimed to solidify its online presence. Tackling Search to Improve Sentiment We did this by introducing content in the form of listicles - presenting information in a list format - usually with a catchy title and short, digestible points. This format is popular due to its readability, which allows readers to scan and absorb information quickly. The emphasis on regional trends identified Punjab and UP as key search leaders. Simultaneously, optimising for mobile searches aligned with the broader trend of increased mobile searches in the Food & Beverage and Health categories. This comprehensive SEO overhaul positions Endura Mass to establish stronger connections with its audience and significantly enhance its online visibility.


Endura Mass's marketing triumph lies in its empathetic connection with the audience and extending a supportive hand. By addressing emotional needs, the brand isn't just a weight gain supplement; it's a companion in the journey to confidence. Endura Mass has authentically reshaped its bond with the nation's youth, emerging as a trustworthy partner in the pursuit of a self-assured identity.

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