Kitchens of India

Kitchens Of India is a renowned exporter of many varieties of exotic Indian cuisine to various regions of the world. To keep the dishes authentic, the firm adheres to traditional cooking methods.

The Challenge: Create awareness about the product range spread across three categories which were Gourmet Delights, Daily Treats, and Desserts.

The Solution: For KOI, we created a Social Media Content Strategy. We were able to grow the brand’s organic social media following while also raising awareness of the product categories and the content buckets associated with them. We also looked for trending moments and special occasions that could be associated with the brand. We curated content ideas to increase engagement on KOI’s social media accounts. We made certain to provide content that educates customers on KOI product features such as convenience, safe packing, and restaurant-style food.

We also ensured that each creative was placed in the appropriate content bucket, which educates about the products’ unique selling points.

The Results:

  • Obtained category-driven awareness for the social media content.
  • Achieved an average monthly reach of 8000.
  • 28% increase in monthly reach on Instagram across 6 months.
  • 18% increase in the engagement rate.