Himalayan Natives

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Himalayan Natives

Himalayan Natives is an organic food brand with the vision to bring 100% natural and wholesome food, sourced from the Himalayas to all. It offers a range of natural grocery products that are nutritious, rich in flavour and aroma, and contain no added colours or preservatives.

The Challenge: Himalayan Natives wanted to create powerful and engaging videos to bring out the essence of their 100% natural products.

The Solution: Himalayan Natives is a home-grown food brand catering to urban health & lifestyle. The brand is involved in producing 100% vegetarian, natural, and organic produce using the most ethical means. They wanted to bring out this message through power videos and reach out to health and environment conscious consumers. We scripted, produced and shot and edited a series of videos for them. Our team went to Himachal Pradesh in peak December to create the most authentic version of an Ad Commercial for Himalayan Natives. The video brought out the true essence of the brand. We also created a few videos to highlight the brand as an Official Natural Food Partner of the IPL Team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, where we positioned Himayalan Natives products as a healthy munching option.

Nirmal VCO

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KLF Nirmal VCO

Nirmal VCO from KLF is a household name in Kerala and produces some of India’s best cold pressed virgin coconut oil for beauty, consumption and babies. We created a range of videos for Nirmal ranging from how to use virgin coconut oil to DIY videos and even the differences between ordinary coconut oil and virgin coconut oil.


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Master Chef

ITC Master Chef aims to inspire cooking enthusiasts to find their inner Master Chef. It brings a range of quality ingredients and ready to cook products that make cooking even more exciting. All ITC Master Chef products offer the best quality, reduce preparation time and come with the ease of cooking & storage. They offer their TA a range of quality products (frozen snacks, frozen prawns, cooking pastes, gravies, dehydrated onions & mango pulp).

The Challenge: ITC wanted to launch the Ready To Eat category of products on social media, with the message of inspiration for cooking enthusiasts to find their inner Master Chef. They wanted to connect to their audience with the help of engaging and attractive videos that highlighted their USPs and ease of use.

The Solution: ITC being a major player in the FMCG market, has a loyal customer base that trusts in their products. We conceptualised, scripted, produced and edited engaging recipe videos for the brand to highlight product USPs and ease of use. In these videos, we demonstrated the use of their RTE products with appetizing recipes. The videos were then posted on Youtube and other Social Media channels that gained good engagement from the target audience.


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Dogsee is an indigenous pet food brand which has now received international acclaim due to its natural and homegrown pet products. Videos are very important for the brand, since the products have a lot of visual appeal. Emotional content such as showing the friendship between dogs and their human families has helped the brand attain virality and also increase sales. We have done a range of videos for Dogsee using different concepts such as product animations, dog shoots etc.