September 25, 2015

5 Ways of Remarketing Advertisements To Boost Sales

The main goal of all business in marketing is to drive sales and achieve profit. But most of the business face difficulties in that phase, where a visitor visits a website and abandons it without buying anything or even signing up for the newsletter. These visitors are not lost forever without track – they can be reached by remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to advertise in a webpage based on the visitor’s interest and behaviour in your website. There are a few techniques by which remarketing can be used to reach the visitors who were thought to be lost.

Choose your remarketing network:

There are two options in remarketing:

a) use of third party platforms for managing your remarketing ads in various platforms or

b) creation of retargeting ads on the networks themselves and just pay the advertising costs themselves.

The most popular remarketing networks are Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook. With Google AdWords, you can reach audiences through their mobile phones, Google search, YouTube, and websites within the Google Display Network.

Select your audience:

This is one important step in your remarketing process, in which you will have to decide to which visitors you would like to target ads and to which you don’t. Remarketing is done based on various criteria:

  • Based on the visited product page.
  • Based on visiting a certain page of checkout process of your site.
  • Based on not visiting a certain page.

Providing special deals, changing the message, call to action, photos, graphics could all together help in remarketing. There are billion ways to collect your audience, but it is necessary to keep your goal in remarketing and work constantly towards that to achieve desired results.

Avoid constant advertising bombardment:

Showing retargeted ads to everyone and in a continuous manner, can irritate audiences. Don’t ever spread your remarketing ads to every nook and corner of the internet, which happens due to low research in finding your target audience. This could also makes the audience turn against you permanently, as they may feel spammed or creeped out with your advertisements.

Be specific with remarketing advertisements:

Spend time on research and differentiate your audience into different categories such as existing customers, new customers, etc.This is because the message copy differs for each category of customers and providing the same message may result in making the audience idle rather than active.

Set the timing for your advertisements:

In case of remarketing advertisements, timing plays a very important role. Prolonged exposure to a specific advertisement may reduce the value of the brand among the audiences.

When and where to display the advertisements and how long to display the advertisement is more important to keep you safe from possible chances of the audience blocking your ads.

There’s a lot more to know about remarketing, but we at Ittisa have found that these basic techniques can help you strategize your remarketing advertisements in the right way. Google AdWords is a very clever and powerful tool to increase the engagement of the customer, and produce tremendous results in your business.