April 02, 2015

How to Track Your Social Media Analytics: A Definitive Guide

How do you generally ideate, create content and improve engagement on your social media channels? Google, get inspired, tweak and follow these up with a fantastic prayer wishing people to flock to your pages?

Unfortunately, it is not always that easy and analyzing progress in social media channels is increasingly becoming a marketer’s biggest challenge.

How else to establish your brand online and attract right people to it? Here comes the much ignored Social Media Analytics into play.

What is Social Media Analytics?

  • How many visitors do you get per day?
  • What posts enjoy most impressions?
  • What is the best time to post and ensure maximum engagement from your TG?

All these questions enjoy a single solution and that is Social Media Analytics.

Social Media Analytics or SMA is one of the most powerful tools extensively utilized by leading online marketers globally to understand and analyze their audiences and evaluate the brand’s performance online.

Often described as Social Media Listening or Online Listening, SMA is defined as the process of gathering data and information to identify customer needs and sentiments, enabling the marketers to make better decisions.

Once the business objectives are in place and social media targets are determined, putting the analytics offered by your social media pages in use itself gives you a good insight. It enables you to answer all the above questions and more.

Social Media Measurement Tools: Track Social Media Analytics

Spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter without generating many leads?

Most social media platforms, today, provide inbuilt analytics to evaluate the performance of your page. There are also a number of tools that enables you to better measure your platforms and social media efforts. Here are the best six tools preferred by the experts in the industry to track social media analytics

1. Buffer

A free to use social media analytics tool available online. It enables its users to analyze the performance of each and every update you post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

buffer social media tool

2. Followerwonk

This analytics tool, available online, enables users to enter any Twitter username and access detailed information on activities, new followers, tweets, impressions and so on.

Followerwonk analytics

3. Hootsuite

A widely used social media management tool to track social media analytics, Hootsuite provides its users with in-depth analytics of their online activities as well as performance.

Hootsuite Social Media Analytics

4. SproutSocial

This tool enables users to engage, publish, and analyze its social media platforms and posts to improve the brand experience online.

SproutSocial social media management tool

5. Simplify 360

A powerful social media tool for listening, monitoring and analytics used by leading agencies and brands worldwide with interactive dashboards to create custom and in-depth reports.

simplify360 Social Media Analytic tool

6. ViralWoot

A popular analytics tool for Pinterest with a lot in store, its free version allows users to manage the platform and provides limited but helpful analytics on new followers, pins, likes and paid users.

Viralwoot for Pinterest

The world wide web offers its users with a lot more of these tools enabling you to manage as well as listen, measure and analyze all your social media channels in one dashboard and track your growth in real-time.

However, collecting these analytics, measuring the impact and performance of your social media campaigns and listening to your TG online needs a specialist to go deeper and derive data making marketing decisions that you can rely on.

Feel free to ping our expert analysts to gain further knowledge and experience in the field of Social Media Analytics and find out what works best for your brand online.

Have any tips/ tricks to get things done better? We would love to hear what tool you use for gaining insights and how.  Share with us your thoughts and insights on the same.

 P.S. The tools to track Social Media Analytics briefed above are not listed in any form of preference or prejudice, but based on our research and experience online.