March 30, 2015

Things Social Media Experts Say [We Are Guilty Too]

1. Who the f**k keeps liking the Facebook posts as an admin?

Facebook posts Most annoying stuff ever. Mr. Client, Please make sure to change the admin roles before liking, commenting, sharing your own posts.

2. Oh S**t! I tweeted from the wrong account

tweeted from the wrong account We just hope there were no cuss words in that tweet. Now work at light’s speed and take that damn thing off.

3. ROI in Social Media is Fans, Engagement & Retweets

3. tumblr_lvuoetQqD11qg4blro1_500 If your Social Media expert said that to you, its time to reconsider. Social Media can help you generate revenue. Period.

 4. You really need Google+, it helps in SEO

giphy If they are not saying it, its time you did. Google+ does help in SEO, being the Google product that it is, helping your website rank better.

5. To the designer: I cannot cut the effing copy anymore. Do what you gotta do!

8 tumblr_mfocrju4371s0aiv3o1_500 Phew, nothing more annoying than a designer asking for cutting down on copy a bazillion times.

6. I was born into Social Media, I have been doing this since I was a kid

G+ Castiel-castiel-33277969-500-206 Okay, that’s a bit too much. Hopefully its not a 2003 born managing your social media assets.

7. Why can't Instagram have a manage account option? Why GOD why?

giphy (1) Instagram, are you listening? The struggle is real!

8. To the designer: Please please please give me this creative over the weekend

Social media experts creativity Beep Beep... Weekend screw up initiated! :P

9. You really need a Social Media strategy, just posting stuff doesn’t help!

4. Billy-Madison-I-am-the-smartest-man-alive True that! You need a solid Social Media strategy which is a part of an overall Marketing strategy.

10. To the designer: Dude, this is the only free google image I could get for you!

10. okHQu Get an image bank. For the love of your designer!