July 24, 2014

Emotions Drive Decisions on Social Media

I am a strong believer of Social Media and have full faith in the power of social networks. Social networks have gone beyond connecting friends, families, childhood crush, colleagues or even strangers. They have changed the way we interact, search and share information. They have made normal man more equipped & informed, suddenly there is a lot more power in the hands of consumer, making him the king, literally.

The limitless reach and interconnectedness of the networks have forced brands to be present on social media. At the same time they have given a huge opportunity to brands to influence and control the behavior of consumers.

The question is HOW?

Everybody talks about listening, engaging, responding, managing reputation on social media; all these are very critical for any brand but I keep asking myself this question “What drives decisions on social media?”

And I say to myself: People are not interested in ‘What you sell’ but they are more interested in ‘Why you sell’. They are not looking for Facts but they are looking for Faith.

The concept of social networking became popular because people got a platform to release their emotions and they got place to seek emotional support from various individuals. These individuals behave the same way while interacting with brands on social media as consumers, and brands must connect with their consumers at the emotional level.

In my next posts, I will be giving examples of how different brands can connect emotionally with their audience and take their first step towards making a happy community of loyal customers.

Stay tuned!