October 09, 2015

Social Media Optimization - Enhance Your Business With SMO

Social media optimization is the next wave of online marketing. If you own a business in this internet age without social media optimization, you just can’t exist.

Social media optimization is a very effective tool that would help your business make a better online presence with more Facebook likes, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn shares and Pinterest pins.

Is your organization planning to get into social media? Proper planning and ideation are more important at the first stage. So we tell you how to do social media optimization for business with few strategies that could help your business make a remarkable online presence.

Strategies for optimizing social media content:

Social media optimization with the interesting and impressive content:

What content does interest the readers today? In the case of content, both visual content and verbal content are equally important to attract the audience to read your post. Do you believe that visual content gets better engagement in social media than text-based content? Yes, it does.

Reading very long content is really boring and we just find ways to skip it. So try to provide bite-sized content as they are more valuable and interesting to read.

Create catchy headlines as they have the power to share your article or trash your article. Don’t underestimate the importance of headlines. Understanding your audiences plays a major role in creating attention grabbing headlines.

Social shares are an important factor considered for estimating the success quotient of your content. More the shares, more the reach. Encourage more social shares by providing easily shareable content. A social share toolbar within your blog site can increase virality by up to 700 percent.

Social Media optimization with Social sign in

The goal of most of the websites is to attract visitors and increase traffic on their website. Beyond that, you need the visitor to register and make them more engaged to your website. Registered users tend to be more connected than the non-registered users.

Most of the e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon, etc. require sign in to increase their sales with frequent engagement. Using the traditional and cluttered method of registration have the possibilities to lose a million number of customers.

Instead opt for a social sign, which is easier for the user to get registered. Don’t forget to add Facebook in your social sign in, as it is one of the important social networking sites in which almost everyone around us holds an account. Apart from that providing many other options like Google, Yahoo, etc. can increase your chance of success.

SMO with External seeding:

Do you love commenting on social media? Yes, commenting on a site may sound good, and it’s even better when we share it across social media. Facebook implemented the wordless social comment “like” that has so much reach among its audience.

Similar way, introducing a Facebook Like button across your website may increase your website traffic and yield great success. Since Likes show up as one line of text, and Shares show up as a link with a comment, progressive sites are encouraging Shares immediately after someone presses the Like button.

Social Media optimization by optimizing social media profiles:

Using your social media profiles to the fullest can give you wondrous results. Your tweets, posts, and likes may change from day to day, but your social media profile remains constant. It is a place where audiences take a look to know your organization better.

Few steps to optimize your social media profile:

  • Use the URL to your site wherever possible to make the audience reach you easily.
  • Make sure you never leave any of the fields in your profile blank.
  • Have a dedicated landing page for various social network followers.
  • Maintain a consistent form of images, videos, and voice in all of your social networking sites.

Social media optimization by CTA (Call to action) Button

Finally, you have made the audience ready your content, so what do they do next? The importance of a call to action in a blog or website is mostly understood by everyone. But it is also more important to include a call to action in social media posts.

Using proper words to engage with the audience and making them understand what to do next is necessary. In Facebook usage of words like ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ have proved to produce more engagement with the audience.

‘Please retweet’ or ‘Please help’ are other words that are commonly used in Twitter to increase engagement. Apart from these, there are also many other strategies through which social media optimization could be done for your business.

Hence reading more to develop a strategy for socializing your website and content is increasingly important before getting into social media.

We at Ittisa understand that social media optimization stands as a much more important and interesting aspect in today’s scenario for disseminating information and communicating with your clients. And hence we provide you excellent SMO services for better business.