November 20, 2015

The Mobile Friendly Google Updates

  Google algorithm changes and updates have always made e-marketers and websites wary. But not all’s lost with changes that were bought about earlier this year. Before some of you start panicking, let’s get to know what exactly these changes are. These updates are nothing short of ways to make user experience as smooth as possible, Google is just trying to step up their game to the on-the-go trend that we seem to be fast transitioning to. So what are they and what do we do about them? The what and why of the updates On April 21st 2015, Google rolled out their algorithm changes that they had announced at the beginning of this year. The changes that came about was on a page by page and real time basis. The updates introduced does not have a clear degree to which a website can be mobile friendly, either you are or are not. But it certainly has its benefits, now mobile users don’t have to continuously zoom in or tap their devices to view relevant and high quality content. And nobody has been complaining about the appropriately spaced tap targets and the avoidance of those annoying unplayable content and horizontal scrolling. The how around the updates So how do we get around these updates? Simple. Make your website mobile friendly if you want more traffic flocking to your site. If not already changed, websites are changing their algorithms to adapt to the pro mobile friendly approach from google. On the other hand Google seems to be keeping its promise of automatically re-processing your pages once your site turns mobile friendly. So will these algorithm changes affect our desktop traffic at all? Not at all, the changes pertains to mobile traffic only. The best way to check if your site is mobile friendly is by checking individual pages through the Mobile-friendly Test or by checking the status of your entire site through the Mobile Usability report in Google Webmaster Tools. After you’ve checked and figured out that you need to upgrade your site to be mobile, get started with the guide to mobile-friendly sites and for more customized advice it’s always good to check out AdSense Multi-screen starter guide. With lower mobile data prices and faster internet speeds, it’s time websites bucked up their end in serving users with a smooth experience. Go user-friendly, Go mobile.