December 08, 2015

What Women Want – Tips For Selling To Women

“If you are selling to women, you need to give them everything a man wants, then a little extra”.

Selling to women? Pff… easy! If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times. Women and shopping are like a moth to a flame. Careful! Before you judge too quickly, we might be easy prey but years of shopping has made us more than experienced in the art of buying. Be it clothes, vehicles, electronics or food women form a significant part of the decision-making cycle. Neck to neck with men and closing up on the gender wage gap, women will hold at least half of the spending power. Now it is up to marketers to look for tactics and tools to connect with the female market. So, brace yourself while we walk you through five ways to effectively market to women.

Get up close and personal

Let’s face it. We’re emotional creatures. Appeal to our emotions and you’ve won gold. Women want to feel like brands “understand” them. For many women, service is more important than the product. Divide your audience into smaller segments and study each segment separately. Women spend a copious amount of time online browsing through company promotional pages, reading blogs, participating in discussion boards and sharing information with fellow consumers. Make sure your website and content speaks out to them and their needs

Engage women on Social Media platforms

A mix and match mood board? A hot selfie contest? Check! Women are active users of social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. This is the place for marketers to interact with women and maintain a long-lasting relationship. Engage women in contests, fun campaigns, etc., to grow brand awareness and click-through rates.

Make shopping entertaining

Everybody is busy, so are we. So make it easy and make it now. Relaxed shopping is the way to go, be it online or offline. Come up with fun and appealing content to entice us to buy your stuff.

Keep patronizing ads at bay

This is a generation of women ready to break all the molds. We don’t forgive easy. Do not resort to sexist slogans and condescending creatives. Make your content charming and witty, we’ll come in flocks.

Lend us your ears

Women love sharing their experiences just as much they love to shop. Sending out surveys and asking women to give feedbacks will make them trust you more and create a connect with the brand. Learning their experiences and tapping into their needs and requirements will make you a strong marketer to women.