January 10, 2018

The Best Marketing Campaigns 2017 Review

We witnessed a lot of new things on social media this past year, a lot of experiments by big brands were observed. Be it branded content, short or long format storytelling, digital-first ads or enhancing emotional content, brands have used social media to the fullest to reach out and engage with the audience.

Here are 5 best social media campaigns of 2017:

1. Assam Tourism

Apart from the many other reasons Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra has remained in the headlines, one of the sweetest causes would undoubtedly be the Assam tourism campaign. The 3:32 minute video showcases the unparalleled beauty and uniqueness of the state along with the many reasons why Assam should be on the wishlist of every traveller’s list. Assam Tourism marketing campaign Be it Priyanka Chopra wearing the traditional ‘mekhla chador’, practising Bihu, or the visuals of pristine landscape, flavourful dishes, temples, festivals and the rich culture & heritage, the #AwesomeAssam campaign indeed managed to find a place in a million hearts. Take a look at the video here:

2. Reebok - #GirlsDontFight

Reebok presented the world with a fierce campaign combined with a strong message, to let go of the age-old tradition - Girls don’t fight. The video, featuring Kangana Ranaut redefines women empowerment, urging women to be fit in all aspects - be it mentally, physically or socially. The message is clear, it is not who you are, what you wear or at what time of the night you go home, it’s about what you believe in and standing up for those beliefs. With more than 3 million views on YouTube, this Reebok campaign has been very successful. Watch the video here:

3. Sofy #EmbraceTheNew

Menstruation still remains a taboo in our country, but that didn’t stop Sofy from launching the first ever commercial on tampons in India, with the campaign #EmbraceTheNew. The main aim of the campaign was to educate women regarding the proper use of tampons and at the same time to break all myths that are in the minds of people regarding its use. Sofy embrace the new campaign Sofy sent out the communication in two parts - one was why tampons are necessary and the second was all that you need to know about tampons. The campaign received a lot of praise from people, both from and outside the media industry. Watch the campaign here:

4. Diwali in India - Airbnb

India is known for its colours and festivals and on the biggest festival of lights, Diwali, Airbnb launched their campaign inviting people from all over the world to celebrate Diwali in India the same way its citizens celebrate. The campaign showcased how anyone, no matter from which part of the world or culture can get a closeup view of how the festival is celebrated in the country. Airbnb Diwali social media campaign The video shows the journey of a traveller who is hosted in a beautiful home with a family. The happy traveller is seen planning and participating in the festivities taking help from her local Airbnb host. Watch the video here:

5. Mom Be A Girl Again - Amazon

The video series for the #MomBeAGirlAgain campaign by Amazon highlights the dreams and wishes of mothers who have let go of their passion to take hold of their busy lives and families. It urges mothers to relive their childhood once again and pursue their passion once more. Mom Be A Girl Again Amazon campaign This series witnessed a roaring success on social media with every video getting 3-5 million likes. The Tufani video managed to get 13 million likes on Youtube. Watch the video here: Did we miss out on your favourite marketing campaign in 2017? Tell us in the comment section below.