October 22, 2015

5 Steps To Boost Conversion Rates Through Your Content

Content is the king in today’s marketing scenario as businesses use blogs and websites to demonstrate their expertise in the field. A recent study by Contently showed that about a quarter of all businesses allocate over 50% of their marketing budgets to content marketing.

Nearly 60% of businesses have at least two people devoted to content marketing. All content marketing cannot be considered equal and not every content marketing technique brings out promising results.

There are few techniques to follow that could help you boost your content conversion online:

Create quality content

What is said to be a quality content? It is a great question that encounters every content writers mind. Creating content that is valuable for your target audience is more important that creating content that has all to do with your business and its promotion.

Investing in good writers who could strategize your content according to industry standards in a professional way could help creating good content. Avoid plagiarized, ineffective, uninteresting, poorly phrased articles to maintain standards.

Assess your publishing platforms

Not only researching about the audience but also researching about various publishing platforms available is more important. This research could help you to create relevant content and reach them in better ways.

By researching these you could actually save your time by not wasting it on content that will not be picked up by your audience. Create a content strategy that produces a clear link between where your content is published and where your audience spends time.

Choose topics related to business goals

Choose a topic that has a relevant key point relating to your business and geared towards targeting your customers and not your industry peers. But also ensure that there is a link or connection between what you are talking about and what your business represents. Content that does not relate to your brand or business had no use of promotion.

Effective On-page SEO

The availability of the content to your audience matters when they search for related topics. A proper content placed on a poorly optimized blog has no use as it is out of reach for the readers or audience. When your users cannot find your content there is no point in expecting good conversion rate for your content.

Promote your content in creative ways

Spend money on promoting your content so that your content can be discovered by the audiences themselves across the various sites that they browse on the internet. It is essential to spend more time on promoting the content than producing the content.

Find ways to share your content on multiple platforms, link back to it in future pieces, disseminate to interested influencers and more. A smart promotion strategy adds velocity to the content and helps to attain the reach you aim for.

Promoting your content essentially means three things:

  • Optimizing your content so that it’s found organically in search engines;
  • Optimizing your content so that it’s easy for readers to share on social media, once they’ve found it, read it, and loved it;
  • Optimizing your content so that it’s integrated into an overall “click trail” that leads potential customers from one piece of content to the next, as they move through the buying cycle to the sale (or whatever conversion is meaningful to your business).

Content marketing is basically a promotion strategy in which you do not treat your users as only revenue sources and try to build relationships with them.

By following the above-mentioned techniques it will not only build trust in your content and brand, but it will improve your search results on all of the major search engines as well, leading to more customers that may become conversions through your content marketing.

We at Ittisa help you increase your content conversion with proper content, promotion, regular follow up and also building trust over your brand.