November 29, 2016

Email Marketing - How To Make It Work For You!

People just don’t read emails any more and firms shouldn’t spend on email marketing. If you feel this way, you should probably reconsider your opinion. Email marketing refers to the practice of sending out marketable content or call-for-actions through emails. According to a survey by Adobe,

“The Adobe Campaign team recently surveyed more than 400 US-based white collar workers, 18 and older, about their use of email; and the findings challenge conventional views of email as a tired, over-saturated medium for engaging consumers. The notion that millennials spend all their time on social networks or texting? The truth is much more complicated.

People are practically addicted to email, checking it around the clock no matter where they are or what they’re doing. In fact, more than half of millennials check email from the bathroom! On average, survey respondents report using email six hours a day, or 30+ hours a week. Nine of 10 respondents say they check personal email at work and work email from home. More than one third report having multiple personal accounts.”

This shows that people still use email and that puts email marketing right back on track. Emails also generate more data for the businesses. Business analytics can capitalize from this data and target users specifically. Let us cover five important steps that you have to remember whilst engaging in email marketing.

Here are 4 tips that can make Email Marketing a huge plus for your business:

Micro Targeting Through Email Marketing

Instead of randomly sending out emails, one could target users based on the data available on them. One could also analyze the browsing patterns of the user in the website and deliver emails accordingly. This ensures that the right content is delivered to the right user. Consider Amazon; they’re a large e-commerce retailer and their emails are targeted.

amazon mail marketing

Here, Amazon employs micro targeting the audience based on the data that they have on each customer, which is his/her browsing history on their website. Similarly, your website can capitalize on the data that you gather from your users.

Responsive Email

Responsive doesn’t mean an email, which contains a call for action button. It is generally an adaptive email. The most frequent problems that we encounter whilst creating emails is, we forget to take into account the target device. People aren’t going to be using the same device to view emails, which raises the need for responsive emails.

esponsive emails adapt dynamically to the size of the display device used, thus eliminating the problem of customizing content for each type of device.

responsive email templates

Here, we can see the same email content being customized for different screens. The best thing about responsive emails is that, they’re automatic. This means that the emails are automatically going to customize themselves for the target screen. The better the emails appeal to the user, the more they are going to be interested in the email.

Create Content for Users in Email Marketing

Companies deploy automated mailing tools, which send the content to different users. This is basically a software sending out emails for you. The content, however, needs to be designed by you. The problem with the content is that, people create them as generic as possible. Marketers tend to forget that an actual human is going to open the email.

Customizing your content for users ensures your ROI. This would automatically separate you from your competitors and set you apart. The users would feel a sense of belonging with your company and would automatically recommend your product to another user.

This serves the purposes of delivering ROI and increasing the reach of your product. “A simple step might go a long way” really holds true here.Moosejaw sports an excellent sense of humour, which adds to the personal touch in their emails.

The company effectively deploys humour into their email campaigns and doubles that as a customization factor for the user. A generic “SALE, Flat 50% off” email just would not cut it any more.

create content for user

Maintain Good Email Design

The designers should ensure clear layouts and concise fonts. The Call to Action must be visible enough to the user. If it is not visible, then it defeats the entire purpose of the email. The arrangement of the content in the email should be taken into account. All this factors need to be considered for a good email. Dull emails make your brand look bad and makes the users lose interest.

email marketing apple

Apple has made sure the email is interesting with just phones. These strategies can be employed in your emails, too. All in all, email marketing isn’t dead. Email marketing is still one of the best approaches to guarantee revenue to the company, if utilized suitably.