Dogsee is India’s first organic dog treats company that produces 100% natural and vegetarian treats. After inception, Dogsee quickly gained popularity because of its one-of-a-kind product and is now one of the leading pet food brands.

The Challenge: Dogsee Chew wanted to create a website experience that not only makes it easier for the customers to shop, but also helps build a community of dog lovers.

The Solution: While designing the Dogsee Chew website, we made sure to keep our design extremely clean with effective CTA placements for the users to shop from the website. The main objective of the website was to improve the user experience while shopping, and so we made sure our products are well highlighted and upfront. There was an easy to choose option to select the product size while adding it to the cart and also in quick view. We also improved the user experience by adding multiple filters to sort the product listing.