December 19, 2014

5 Things Every Social Media Marketer Should Know

What does a Social media marketer do?

Well, a lot more than just posting content & looking at Facebook all day!

Social Media Marketers approach Social media differently. They are social because they like it. They research, look at great campaigns, enjoy content strategy of other competitors & keep a look out on what it is that they can employ for their brands & clients.

We have here a list of 5 things every Social Media Marketer should know and do:


#1. Listen:

As a good SM marketer, it becomes your sole responsibility to look around the web and find out what is being spoken about the brand & company. If you miss listening into the conversation people are doing about you, you are missing out on a prospective avenue of either saving the brand reputation or brand promotion.

#2. Monitor:

Just listening doesn’t cut it, you have to constantly monitor news tailored around your brands & interests. To stay on top of the game, you have to scour the internet to look for content that will make for an interesting post or tweet and also provide your audience with value. There are a lot of tools in the market to do so but make sure that your social media marketer is leveraging the tool well.

#3. Analyze:

Being a Social media marketer means collectively doing a lot of things – concept, content, strategy etc but in the middle of all of this, if you forget to analyze, all this will go to waste. Knowing when to post, what kind of content works well, who are the influencers of your brand, what kind of giveaways work for you etc. is very important to make sure your Social media strategy works. Make sure to measure the impact too & then include it further in your strategy.

#4. Social affects Search Results:

Did you know your Social Media Marketing affects your search results too? Infact they are the top most ranked results. We did an experiment with a well known brand that has been on Social since long i.e. General Electric and a comparatively new entrant on Social , a client of ours Hungry Bells. Here is what the results looked like: When we searched “General Electric” in Google, the company’s Instagram and Pinterest profiles appeared as the 5th and 6th listings, respectively, and Twitter was the 8th result. When we searched “Hungry Bells” in Google, the Facebook page was the 2nd result, Youtube as the 4th result and 5th was their LinkedIn page. Thus, Social channels are very important from a search point of view. Make sure to keep an updated profile as well as an updated Google+ page as it shows up on the profile at the right side of result.

#5. Be personal & personalize:

Include a bit of a personal elements to a brand. Share stuff about employees, happenings at the office, engage with your fans in real time. Make sure to use your profile & bio to include a bit of brand personality. Understand what your audience wants from the brand and give them that rather than pushing just the product.

Ultimately, the aim of every marketer should be to build bonds with its customers and involve & reach out to as many interested people as possible. If you are new to Social Media Marketing or need a review of your present strategy, reach out to us at or comment below.