November 20, 2017

Top Corporate Identity Design Tips And Examples

As Larry Ackerman rightly said, “Identity is cause, brand is effect & the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter.” Corporate Identity Design is the wholesome experience of the tangible elements that represent a brand including colour, design, logotype, name, symbols, print materials, stationery, business cards, apparel and website. These elements play an essential part in corporate communication as they help in creating an impression of your brand among users. Here are some expert tips that you should follow while creating your own Corporate Identity:

1. Use Appropriate Font, Colours, Picture

The first impression plays a very important role in portraying your brand image. The logo is often a consumer’s first interaction with a brand’s corporate identity and forms the basis of brand recall in later stages. Therefore, careful consideration of colors, fonts and styles is necessary. It is important that your logo reflects your brand’s personality and communication tonality. For example, if you want your brand to be perceived as approachable and playful, use vibrant colours, a friendly font and a more casual style. However, if you want the brand to be perceived as serious and informative, do the exact opposite. Use subtle colors and fonts. This is how Walmart has rebranded their brand identity design to form a new impression of their brand. walmart logo Design Walmart has rebranded their corporate image many times, but with this change, they tried to give the brand a whole new meaning. For example, they used lowercase lettering and Myriad Pro font in the current logo to showcase the friendliness of the brand. Also, the lighter shade of blue used here looks more approachable. They have also replaced the boring and stale star with a bright yellow “iconic spark”.  Overall, the brand screams friendly and approachable instead of boring old-school.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Can you convince everyone to purchase an Iphone? Definitely not. Therefore, it’s important to know your target audience and create Identity designs to influence them. For instance, if your brand sells premium products, then the brand’s  personality should reflect qualities that will impress and woo sophisticated rich people. Depending on your product, you can target people belonging to different age groups, social strata, age, gender, location or marital status. Identity Design Tips coca cola Let’s take a look at how two similar products can have contrasting brand personalities and target different kinds of people :   Both Coke and ThumsUp are popular aerated beverage brands and taste very similar. However, their personalities and target audiences are very different. While Coca-Cola mainly targets the younger generation and has positioned itself as a fun and happy brand; ThumsUp has portrayed itself to be a mature, confident and masculine brand. Their logos, taglines and symbols all reflect their different brand ideologies and personalities. Coca cola has a very friendly look. The font style and colour used in the logo look vibrant and very open. Moreover, the tagline “open happiness” says a lot about the brand. But, ThumsUp’s logo and tagline give a very rugged impression of the brand that’s appealing to an entirely different audience.

3. Keep it neat and simple

It’s important to portray the brand persona in a simple yet impactful way by removing all the unnecessary things that make your brand design look cluttered. This is exactly how Vodafone revamped their logo leading to great success. vodafone revamped logo One of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, Vodafone, decided to upgrade their brand positioning and as a result, revitalized their logo and made it neat and simple. Elements such as shape and structure were kept the same, however they cleverly made use of negative space and simply reversed their use of colour. They retained the red color as it represents talking, sound and passion. This new design shifted focus to the ‘speech mark’ leading to a lighter, more sophisticated design. A brand is nothing without the right identity design. Without a strong identity, there is no recognition and therefore no recall. To know about our design services that will define your brand in the best way possible, talk to us! Drop us a message and we’ll call you back.