January 22, 2015

What’s Up? Says WhatsApp To Desktops And Laptops!

You are at your office, peering into your desktop screen with no time to spare for the overflowing Whatsapp notifications on your mobile? Then this feature is just for you.

Facebook’s WhatsApp is now available for the Web. So hereafter, use your desktop or laptop and punch in your witty comeback line the very instant you are pinged!

Visit in the Google Chrome browser to go to the WhatsApp Web client. A QR code will appear, which the user has to scan with the WhatsApp mobile app on their phone to get started.

whatsapp web desktop

The move intends to spread WhatsApp’s reach to more and more devices and hints at Facebook’s desire to ramp up the world’s communications. WhatsApp now has more than 600 million users and is one of the most used social chat services in present times. Now, Isn’t that wonderful?

But hold on, there is a catch!

This service is for now limited to Google Chrome and works only on Android, Windows and Backberry. iPhone users will have to wait for now. As per official reports, “platform limitations” have kept Facebook from rolling out this feature on Apple’s iPhone.

Also, the whole process is managed through your phone. The phone has to stay connected to the internet for the client to work and if your phone’s battery is down, then your desktop access too dies.

Nevertheless, this new initiative by Facebook is definitely only the tip of an iceberg. It won’t be long before Facebook rolls out new and sleeker features for this all time favourite chat service and ramps it up to an entirely new level. Keep an eye out, WhatsApp users!