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We cannot ignore the fact, the era of data-driven decision making has arrived. Digital Analytics has become one of the key factors in understanding and increasing Digital marketing efforts and convertibility of a brand or an organization online. While the importance of data is increasing exponentially, at the same time, the intensity and sophistication with which the data is being used and generated is baffling.

This is why, individuals as well as organizations have started using Web Analytics to leverage the behavioral patterns of the customers with the use of available free and paid analytical tools and software.


What is Web Analytics?


Web Analytics is primarily a process for tracking, measuring, analyzing and reporting of web data or website traffic. Businesses use it not only for market research and but for examining and improving the effectiveness and user friendliness of a website.


Why Should You Start Using Web Analytics?


  1. Identify target audience
  2. Fine tune website for ease of navigation and user friendliness
  3. Understand user experience, behavioural pattern and funnel optimisation
  4. Understand funnel data and credit the right channels for conversion
  5. Identify areas of improvement and plan the next course of action


Optimisation of user flow and understanding customer journey analysis is one of the critical parts of the online businesses. In-depth analysis on the same carried out by web analysts is used not only to understand the online journey of the customers but to accelerate the sales cycle and enhance the buying experience.


By analyzing the customer behavior, Web Analytics measures the interactions of the customers through page views and visitor tracking and to understand the customer intent for buying the a particular product or a services. Website path analysis helps in finding out ways to making purchase decisions faster for the customers.On the other hand,  click analytics and page analytics is being used by the website analyzers to measure traffic quality  for relevant target group. In addition, sales funnel analytics provides in depth understanding of  triggers that helped in buying decision of a product or services with web stats and web metrics.


Analytics should be adopted by every business with an online presence to get an insight on web traffic pattern and bringing continual improvement in the online user experience for the potential customers.


Web Analytics Services at Ittisa


At Ittisa, every business decision or a marketing plan is based on in depth analytical research. Analytics services offered at Ittisa, gives a brand bird’s eye view of not only a brand’s current positioning and competition’s hold but also key metric indicators of improvement to enhance its online presence.


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