Kafqa Academy is a performing arts academy offering courses under different categories like dance, music, singing and public speaking. It is one of the fastest growing Performing Arts Academy in India.

The Challenge: Kafqa Academy wanted to reach budding artists of the age 6 to 14. The target was to generate relevant leads for them, and rank their website in the top 2 pages of the search results.

The Solution: A growing brand like Kafqa Academy needed all hands on deck, and that’s what we did for them! We built a content strategy using a channel-wise approach for the various social media handles. With the help of targeted hashtags and current trends, we were able to bring more reach to our posts, thus leading more people on our page. We made the brand stand out from its many competitors. The pandemic was a hard time for Performing Arts Academies, and we helped create a sense of trust amongst the parents to opt for Kafqa’s online learning course.

As the goals changed, we changed our strategy to attain more organic leads by making our content more visible across channels with the right Call To Action. While the academy started growing organically, we added Paid Ads and Search Engine Optimization activities to the mix. With constant on-page and off-page activities, and a strong lead generation campaign, we were able to increase Kafqa’s growth exponentially.

The Results:

  • Helped them scale from 0 to 20,000 leads per month
  • Built organic community of 14k+ fans on Social Media
  • Average ranking in top 2 pages within 4 months

Working with a growing brand like has been a great experience for the Ittisa Team!