March 24, 2020

Ittisa Recommends: 5 Ways to Make Work From Home Productive

With coronavirus declared as a pandemic, social isolation has become an important precautionary measure to fight the spread of the virus. Ittisa has also been working from home, with all of us self quarantining to protect ourselves and those around us. Work from home may feel like bliss for some, for some it may be a terrifying thought while for others it’s more simple - Netflix and chill! We think it’s none of that. Based on experience, here’s our list of best practices to keep yourself sane and maintain your productivity at work in the time of Corona -

1. Don’t Jumble up Your Regular Routine

Working from home means no commuting to the office, but that doesn’t mean going straight from the bed to your laptop! Instead maintain your daily routine just like you would while going to work. Wake up when you normally do, brush your teeth (yes please) and take a shower. Dress in proper clothes - ditch the pyjamas. how to work from home You ask why is this important? Being mindful of sticking to a routine prepares you for the workday by creating a distinction between lounging at home and actually working. If you have a 9-5 work schedule, stick to that. We know it’s easy to lose track of time while working at home, but if you can’t maintain a work-life balance, you are likely to be easily exhausted.

2. Create a Work Corner (not the bedroom)

In these uncertain times, when none of us really know when we will be able to go back to work, create a work-nook at home for better productivity. This place should ideally never be your bed. Reserve your bedroom for relaxation and sleep. Set up a workstation in a guest room, the dining table, or even a small desk and chair in your bedroom works if you don’t have any other option. Working at a desk will give you the feeling that you’re working at the office, and also help maintain good posture and avoid distractions. Keep it tidy and set it up like you would in the office. make a work corner for WFH

3. Don’t Keep Sitting

Since there’s no chance to walk over to a colleague’s desk for a quick discussion and no friendly chai breaks - we tend to sit in the same place for longer hours. Be mindful and keep a check on how long you’re sitting and make sure to get up and move every hour. A standing desk also helps.  don't keep sitting while working from home You’re already saving travel time, so use the extra few minutes for some light at-home exercises to keep both your body and mind in shape.

4. Stay Connected With Your Team

It’s true that you can’t meet your colleagues but you can always stay connected. We, at Ittisa, keep in touch on Slack, while conducting meetings on Google Meet or Zoom. As a regular custom, we also set up regular video conferencing before we begin the day to stay updated, and ensure a smooth workflow. Ittisa WFH making it productive It is really important to communicate for inspiration, creativity and to maintain a sense of normalcy. The feeling of togetherness is sure to keep you motivated even when you’re distant from the team.

5. Relax. Breathe. Get Some Fresh Air

Take a break, whether you have a KitKat or not. Just like you take office breaks, it is important to take breaks even if you’re working from home. Make the habit to get up and look away from your screen for at least 5 minutes every hour. relax breath while WFH Taking small breaks will help you think more clearly, work faster and increase productivity. So spend a few minutes roaming in your balcony, play with your pet, water the plants or have some tea. And you never know, you may even have your ‘eureka moment’ while staring at your cat.

A Few Preventive Measures While You Work From Home -

1. Your smartphone, tab and laptop are most likely to be overused at this time. These portable devices carry more germs than you can imagine. Clean them on a regular basis, preferably with an alcoholic wipe.  2. Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap & water. Alternatively, you can also use an alcohol-based sanitizer. 3.  Avoid touching your face as much as you can. Try writing “Don’t touch your face” on a piece of paper and keep it at your desk to remain cautious. 4. Cover nose and mouth while sneezing & coughing, but only with a tissue. Else, sneeze into your sleeve or elbow, but refrain from using your hands. Given the current scenario, social isolation, though difficult, is extremely important to slow down the spread of coronavirus. But we need to remember that we are in it together, and we need to fight it by being supportive, careful, alert and safe. So let’s give our best, even when it feels like we’re in house arrest!