customer welcome emails elements

Must Have Elements in a Customer Welcome Email

April 16, 2019 ,

Welcome emails are read 4X times by customers compared to promotional emails, reports a study. Welcome emails receive one ofRead More

How to Prevent Customer Churn

How to Prevent Customer Churn

April 5, 2019 ,

Customer churn is the percentage of customers that have stopped using or purchasing a brand’s product or services during aRead More

What Women Want – Tips For Selling To Women

December 8, 2015 ,

“If you are selling to women, you need to give them everything a man wants, then a little extra”. SellingRead More

Inspirational Quotes From People's President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

Inspirational Quotes From People’s President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

July 28, 2015 ,

He was known as the ‘missile man’. And he inspired a nation for as long as he lived. Former PresidentRead More