Rebelling is a Sales Intelligence and Engagement platform that helps businesses grow across the globe. They have a huge client base including organizations like Google, Microsoft, Coinbase, Autodesk, Yelp, and many more. With 16,000+ playing clients, Apollo is a market leader in the Sales Intelligence industry.

The Challenge: is well established in the US market as one of the Top Sales Intelligence platforms. Next in plan for them was to expand into the Indian Market. To do so, they wanted to hire top Indian talent from institutions like IIT and NIT, with an experience of working at top organizations like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, and many more.

The Solution: We helped Apollo build a social media presence in the Indian market in order to reach the Indian Tech Community. We also helped Apollo create relevant content across Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in order to grow the brand organically. The strategy behind the social media activities was to focus on Employer Branding and position Apollo as a great place to work. Our branding efforts also included blog writing, video editing, and online reputation management.

To reach the specific audience suggested by, we strategized and came up with a marketing mix that included Targeted Ads, Employer Branding and Brand Positioning through organic Social Media growth, Email Marketing and Blog Writing. Our Ads were highly targeted to the alumni of top tech institutions and ex-employees of the top tech companies. Different teams worked hand in hand to achieve the goal of reaching out to the right set of candidates that Apollo was looking for.

The Result:

  • 7285 followers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram over a span of 3 months
  • Average Click through rate of over 1.76%
  • 4,233 link clicks over a period of 3 months on the Apollo Jobs Portal
  • An increase in the engagement rate from 0 to 5.4%

Working with a growing brand like has been a great experience for the Ittisa Team!