Aster Labs

Aster Labs provides patient-centred care by utilising highly skilled employees and cutting-edge technologies. So that their customers can always receive the best healthcare.

The Challenge: Achieve engagement, reach, followers, impressions on digital platforms for a greater reach and better connectivity with the target audience.

The Solution: We conducted market research for Aster Labs, researching many factors such as industry overview, competitor analysis, and eventually proposing several ideas such as what should be brand positioning, brand objectives, customer funnel, and what customers care about.

After that, we built a brand awareness campaign for the brand. We initially mentioned the problems, followed by ‘Consideration,’ in which we suggested Aster Labs as the answer. Following which we also created carousel ads that highlighted the company’s unique selling points. Once that was done, we worked on how the company’s customers would trust the brand, and we proposed suggestions for building the Trust Test. Therefore we worked on a ‘Conversion’ campaign regarding functional details of what the business offers. As a result, we designed a content marketing bucket for the brand and developed Social Media campaigns and landing pages for the company. Eventually we curate content and manage their SM presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram also manage their GMB.

Key Results:

We were able to achieve the KPI’s (engagement, reach, followers, impressions) set quarterly, and saw an organic increase in followers, and promoted lab launches.

  • Achieved 11k followers across social media platforms in the span of 6 months.
  • An average reach of 3,48,871.5 per month across social media for 1 quarter.