Lend Thrive is the sister company of the AVANA ecosystem which mainly caters to small business owners and entrepreneurs by providing ‘Fixed Rate Loans to support their businesses.

The Challenge: Lend Thrive wanted brand positioning and to show their brand offerings effectively and create personal connections with the clients through a user friendly website and mobile applications.

The Solution: Lend Thrive wanted to reposition their brand in such a way where the brand could spread a message of being a easy lending company to small businesses and entrepreneurs Website and mobile application UI/UX design & brand positioning.

Therefore extensive competitor brand analysis was carried out in order to cut through the clutter and produce unique branding. We designed a website with over 150 wireframes to explore various loan application scenarios. Many small business owners, mom-preneurs, and micro entrepreneurs were interviewed in order to better understand their needs and objectives. We used fresh colours and modern design elements to keep the design simple and sophisticated.