Sunfeast Snacky

Sunfeast Snacky by ITC is a range of light and crispy thin crackers that are baked to perfection with a delightful taste. Available in two exciting flavours, it serves as the perfect light snack. Having such a big name on our digital marketing portfolio included the responsibility of launching the brand on social media and creating conversations and engagement around it.

Objective: Attract the right followers to all social channels and boost online presence

Services Offered: Social media management, Content Marketing, Social Listening and Monitoring, Online Reputation and Management, Video Creation, and Marketing.

Our responsibility as the creative agency was to establish the brand as a conversation starter and facilitator. We also focused on creating awareness and recall through a unique creative style that made the brand stand outfrom the crowd.

Key Results:

  • Unconventional social media graphic design style to cut through the noise
  • Increased positive customer reviews on Facebook
  • Average of 2K engagement on social media posts