KLF Nirmal VCO

KLF Nirmal is a leading virgin coconut oil brand in the country that produces 100% natural and chemical-free virgin coconut oil. Its natural properties make the product highly beneficial for health, hair and skin. Our brief was to introduce KLF Nirmal on social media to increase awareness and make it easily available to customers.

Objective: Increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach digitally.

Services Offered: Social media management, Content Marketing Social Listening and Monitoring, Online Reputation and Management, Video Creation and Marketing, SEO.

We launched KLF Nirmal on social media in 2017. Our responsibility as their creative agency was to establish the brand as the best and purest form of VCO. We focused on highlighting the product benefits to create awareness and recall.

We were successful in creating a market digitally for KLF Nirmal. With a unique social media post design concept, monthly contests, influencer campaigns, multiple videos and engaging campaigns, KLF Nirmal progressed rapidly, with 49K+ followers on Facebook at present. Making optimum use of the benefits of video marketing, we were able to create a large base of followers on Instagram.


  • 100% positive reviews and 5-star ratings on Facebook
  • 3000% increase in Instagram followers organically
  • #AsPureAsNirmal – trending hashtag