Ab InBev

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Ab InBev

Innovation Shots by Beer Garage is the innovation hub of AB InBev that helps build sustainable business improving lives of communities via technology. They aim at driving innovation by fostering a strong community of ecosystem stakeholders like startups, SMEs, innovators, incubators, accelerators, academia, and venture capitalists.

The Challenge: AB InBev wanted to do a website revamp with the objective of enhancing the user-experience.

The Process: The Innovation Shots website needed to be an informational website which included all information about their Startup Accelerator Program for the current year, and what all has happened in the past. We made sure to create a website that was responsive and gave weightage to other important elements like usability and website traffic. The target audience for Innovation Shots was startup founders which meant making the flow of the website as smooth as possible, from getting to know about the brand to applying for the accelerator program.


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DaVinci Gourmet offers syrups, sauces, real-fruit mixes and many other beverage blends that are created with a sense of craft, art and science for baristas and mixologists.

The Challenge: To develop an interactive and responsive website which looks modern and premium.

The Solution: While revamping the website, DaVinci wanted to keep the same flow with additional set pages in order to enhance the user experience. Making sure the website was responsive and interactive, we were able to develop it at a very quick turnaround time of one month.

Kitchens of India

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Kitchens Of India

Kitchens Of India is a renowned exporter of many varieties of exotic Indian cuisine to various regions of the world. To keep the dishes authentic, the firm adheres to traditional cooking methods.

The Challenge: KOI’s goal was to create an e-commerce website where customers could land on different websites according to their preference (India/US) but on the same domain.

The Solution: We created an e-commerce website for the US and India with 50+ products in various categories (RTE, MArinades, Curry pastes, desserts, etc.). We created immersive product detail pages with interesting facts about the dish, pairing suggestions, and menu planning. We also created a comprehensive spice directory with 20+ spices’ origins, uses, and tasting notes based on extensive research.
Furthermore, we researched and added content and visuals based on the US/Indian audience. Finally, we were given the opportunity to work on additional “food services” pages for the website, which were used by their sales team to bring KOI to the canteen/café menus of top US universities, hospitals, and others.


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WorkInSync is a SaaS solution that enables organizations to establish hybrid workplaces and employees’ safe return-to-office. They work across clients from India, North America, Europe and America focusing on the use of technology to automate and manage employee office commute.

The Challenge: Work In Sync wanted to build a website with various offerings and resources, to keep the website easy to use and navigate for the users, and communicate the different complex offerings through content, illustrations and images in the best manner.

The Solution: The company that started in India and US, has now grown to various countries throughout the world becoming a global brand and won many awards, with the website being their main product to explain their offerings. The target audience being hybrid workers, the goal was to keep the website interface as interactive and easy as possible, and keep the user experience global with audiences in India, USA, Europe and South Africa.

We created a website with the right information architecture and custom coding to achieve the best product. We incorporated detailed lead collection systems in the back end through custom coded sheets and Hubspot integration. With over 170+ pages and 15+ Ad pages, we created a well performing website for Work In Sync.


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Qaadu is a beauty and wellness brand, which develops products using natural and pure ingredients. Their products are vegan and their formulas are based on herbal remedies. Qaadu’s holistic approach to personal care and good health for the whole family shines through in all their products.

The Challenge: Qaadu wanted to build a user-friendly and interactive e-commerce website to sell their natural beauty and wellness products.

The Solution: In designing the website, we used a user-centric approach, considering the various perspectives of the target audience and the product to create a user-friendly e-commerce website for Qaadu. The site allows users to buy the product they want in just a few clicks with a simple navigation system.

Based on the user journey and eCommerce approach, we developed a website. We made sure new internet users have a simple and error-free experience. To compete with established brands, we developed a responsive website for the new brand.

Red Chillies

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Red Chillies

Red Chillies Entertainment is one of India’s largest and most premium film production houses headed by superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. Apart from film production and distribution, the company also does VFX special effects, multimedia equipment management and owns a cricket team.

As a custom web design company, our job was to create a website that highlighted the many different things that Red Chillies does without focusing too much on Shah Rukh Khan. We created a website high on drama and intensity with a Red Chili being the focal point of interaction. The fully experiential website gives a glimpse into the glamorous, dramatic and high-powered world of entertainment.

Services Provided: Website UI/UX, Website Development

Allana Consumer Products

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Allana Consumer Products

With a legacy of 156+ years, Allana Consumer Products Pvt Ltd is an FMCG brand with products in the B2B and B2C space across the categories of Culinary Oils, Bakery Essentials, Protein Solution, Beverages & Premium Ice Creams.

The Challenge: Allana Consumer Products has multiple brands under its umbrella and they wanted to completely revamp their website to make it user-friendly and attractive for both their B2B and B2C customers.

The Solution: After implementing an efficient UI/UX strategy, our Website Development team created a user-friendly website for Allana Consumer Products. The website was a whole repository of information about Allana, their brands and various other aspects like media coverage, recipes, blogs, and much more. It had multiple interactive pages like brand portfolios, sustainability initiatives, recipes, mediaroom, and much more!

The website was built keeping in mind that it caters to both B2B and B2C audiences. Our professional web design services included parallax effects, interactive pages and synergetic branding. Our aim was to create a smooth flow of information with efficient speed so that the Allana Consumer Products website acts as a repository full of relevant information for different kinds of stakeholders. With innovative ideas and interactive sections, we built a website that was engaging for Allana’s target audience.

Happy Tummy

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Happy Tummy

Happy Tummy is a campaign undertaken by the Aashirvaad brand that takes a light-hearted narrative on the prevailing day-to-day gut issues faced by many consumers and aims to create awareness about the necessity and benefits of adopting fibre rich food in one’s daily diet by including a fibre rich and dense staple like Aashirvaad Atta with Multigrains.

The Challenge: Based on the insight that daily diets of Indians are typically low on fibre, Aashirvaad wanted to create awareness about the same with tips on how to improve the fibre content and highlight the high fibre content in Aashirvaad multigrain atta.

The Solution: We created a website, i.e. Happy Tummy, where customers could go through a questionnaire and based on their answers, they got their digestive quotient, which indicates their digestive health. At the end of the questionnaire, we got customer details before the results were shown. On the website, promotional coupons were offered along with touting benefits of Aashirvaad Multigrain Atta.

Key Results:

  • The website was developed at a blitz speed of 3 weeks.
  • Website traffic stood at a staggering rate of 88%.
  • 510k sessions out of which 88.2% was through traffic and only 11.2% dropped off.

RV University

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RV University

RV Educational Institutions have a long tradition of giving exceptional and high-quality education to pupils. Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST) manages the institutions and is committed to providing excellent education to students from all walks of life. The institution now offers degrees in liberal arts and sciences, design, economics, and finance.

The Challenge: To create a website experience that portrays their legacy and achievements, and to analyze what their competitors are doing.

The Solution: Understanding the requirements of the RVU team, we designed a user centric experience for the new website. Students who enter the website will get to know about the USPs and detailed information of each course they have and a one click form for admissions which makes the experience very easy for the candidates.


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A brand from the prestigious FMCG group- ITC Foods, Aashirvaad as a brand is synonymous with the word atta in the country. Right from sourcing all-natural ingredients to using the latest technology to upgrade packaging, Aashirvaad is a brand committed to excellence.

The Challenge: Aashirvaad wanted to build a website which acts as a product catalog for their wide range of products. At the same time, they also wanted to position the brand as healthy and natural.

The Solution: After analyzing the target audience, the product portfolio and the brand positioning, we strategized and created an interactive website that features their products creatively along with engaging content like recipes, easy navigation, and blogs for the users. This ensured that the user experience was top notch and the website increased the top of the mind recall for the brand.