Ab InBev

Innovation Shots by Beer Garage is the innovation hub of AB InBev that helps build sustainable business improving lives of communities via technology. They aim at driving innovation by fostering a strong community of ecosystem stakeholders like startups, SMEs, innovators, incubators, accelerators, academia, and venture capitalists.

The Challenge: AB InBev wanted to do a website revamp with the objective of enhancing the user-experience.

The Process: The Innovation Shots website needed to be an informational website which included all information about their Startup Accelerator Program for the current year, and what all has happened in the past. We made sure to create a website that was responsive and gave weightage to other important elements like usability and website traffic. The target audience for Innovation Shots was startup founders which meant making the flow of the website as smooth as possible, from getting to know about the brand to applying for the accelerator program.