How SUITLTD kick-started their sales with an integrated marketing campaign

Integrated Marketing Campaign
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Campaign Medium: Social Media, E-commerce channels, SEM
  • Objective: Interact and engage with customers to increase brand awareness, sales and traffic to the website.

From November 17th to November 24th 2015, Ittisa ran a campaign for SUITLTD integrating a Facebook contest to the SUITLTD website and their promotion on other e-commerce channels like Jabong and Flipkart. The Facebook contest quizzed fans and followers on their knowledge on men’s fashion ranging from history to everyday men’s style with six questions.

The winner walked away with a pair of slim fit trousers.  At the same time, we designed banners for e-commerce channels like Jabong to proactively promote our products on both social media and on shopping websites. As an online only e-commerce store, Ittisa understood that SUITLTD needed an online integrated marketing campaign that would increase their sales.

This is why, a strong set of banners, GDN ads and external seedings were run alongside the Facebook contest in order to improve SUITLTD’s overall online presence. GDN ads were strategically placed on websites that were relevant to men’s fashion, like job search portals, matrimony websites and so on. All these activities were conducted right before the website launch, which lead to increase in brand awareness and drove traffic to the website when it went live. SUITLTD, it seemed had more visibility and sales through other e-commerce channels which is why we didn’t restrict our campaign to just Facebook and spread it out to e-commerce websites like Jabong where they were already doing well.

Twist to the giveaway          

Usually, the brand decides the prize to giveaway, but in this case Ittisa gave the usual prize a twist in order to drive people to the new website. It reigned in on the category that they would give away prizes from and left the winner free to choose any product from that category. The contest was advertised like this from the start and the winners were selected randomly on the basis of correct answers. Hence, from all the people who gave out right answers, everybody had an equal chance to win and were hence forced to head on to the website and shortlist a product in case they won.

Breaking monotony

The contest in itself led to breaking the everyday monotony of product promotion on the Facebook page. It was a challenge for the audience to find out or know the answers of each question. With continuous reminders of our brand through the contest, banners on e-commerce channels and well thought off Facebook and GDN ads we were able to achieve brand awareness that continues to give us a growing number of followers online.


Post Likes 386%
Post Engagement 419%
Post Reach 107%


The contest became a huge success with our Facebook fans with the average of daily engaged users going up from nil to 352. The comments and shares on posts increased ten folds. Within a few days of the launch of their website, Ittisa’s integrated marketing campaign helped SUITLTD in gaining traffic and helped kick start sales. When the website went online by the end of November, people were aware of the brand through other e-commerce channels like Jabong.

The total sales went up by 66% in this time period. On other e-commerce channels, SUITLTD was able to make a name for itself as a brand even before their online store came into being with the help of well-designed banners by Ittisa. Through the campaign, the sales on channels like Jabong increased double fold in a matter of seven days.

Ittisa understood that as an online only store, SUITLTD needed more of a push than daily product promotion and ads. As a men’s fashion brand, it needed to project itself as classy and dynamic at the same time. Through this careful and controlled integrated marketing campaign we were able to achieve our target of brand awareness and sales through the contest, Ads and promotion on other e-commerce channels.

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