How Vijaya Bank Trended Nationally on Twitter on the Day of their Social Media Launch itself.

Social Media Launch Campaign
  • Objective: To make Vijaya Bank relevant to the younger population and to make banking social and convenient for its existing customers.
  • Duration: Planning and execution were both completed in a month.
  • Trending HashTag: #HiVijayaBank
  • Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. Offline engagement was also undertaken.


The pre-launch activities for Vijaya Bank’s social media mainly entailed planning the launch event, acquiring necessary social media assets and reaching out to influencers and employees. We did not make any announcements in public since we wanted the launch to have a surprise value and therefore a finer impact on the audience.

Our activities included designing a special emailer for an identified list of influencers and a custom landing page for employees. The landing page was designed to bring out maximum engagement from employees.


We decided to host an offline launch for the bank’s social media handles to commemorate the day in the bank’s history. The launch took place on 29th June, at the bank’s headquarters with all employees and many social influencers and media representatives present.

It began with an animated video created by us leading to the official launch of the bank’s social media handles. Every post and update used the same hashtag #HiVijayaBank. The idea behind using the same hashtag was to segregate conversations easily, be effortlessly searchable and to trend across all channels. The objective, which was to reach out to Vijaya Bank’s existing and potential customers and inform them of this giant step forward, was achieved.


We launched the social media handles of the bank at 4:30 PM and sent out periodic posts after that. Because of the overwhelming response from employees, customers, industry experts and government officials, we committed our time to responding to well wishes and queries.

This was done keeping in mind our long-term strategy of building and harnessing a community of loyalists. We understood that employee advocacy on different channels is invaluable for the brand in terms of both goodwill and attracting top talent.

Therefore, in order to make the evolution easy for employees, we made a dedicated presentation for the bank’s employees and executives as part of our offline strategy. Since the launch was a phenomenal success, we were overwhelmed with messages along with queries/complaints from the public.

In a matter of a few hours we had to set up an ORM (Online Reputation Management) tool for Vijaya Bank in order to keep track of, and manage all social conversations. This was done so that we didn’t miss any important message/ tweet from loyal customers, influencers and VIPs. It was also done to responsible respond to each and every complaint that people had started to post on all handles. Daily progress reports were sent out to the bank’s representatives detailing the conversations, complaints and the respective responses.




#HiVijayaBank trended nationally for ~6 hours on the day of the launch

We garnered a response from Jayant Sinha, Union Minister of State for Finance.

We were part of 6000+ positive conversations on the first day itself


  • The biggest challenge for us as an agency, was educating bank officials and employees on how to effectively use their private social media handles to spread the word about Vijaya Bank. Some amount of training was dispensed from our end to enable them to build their own profiles across channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to engage more with customers as representatives of the brand.
  • Since Vijaya Bank is a nationalized bank with a huge employee force and teams spread across cities, it was a challenge to escalate a query or complaint to the right team within a specified time-frame. We managed to do this with help from our ORM tool, which promptly alerted us about any pressing issues. We were able to take actions proactively instead of simply reacting to a growing concern.

There was an overwhelming surge of conversations post the launch. A beloved bank, Vijaya Bank’s customers were ecstatic that their bank was finally on social media and could be engaged with easily. The hashtag we created for the bank #HiVijayaBank started trending nationally on Twitter within minutes of the launch and continued to trend for 6 hours.

This was a feat no other brand in the country has achieved on its first day of launch! We got 12,263 organic impressions within just a day and the Union Minister of State for Finance himself tweeted with the branded hashtag. This was a moment of immense pride and motivation for all Vijaya Bank staff. We were part of 5000-6000 conversations on the first day itself and we responded to each and every post, comment and query in a befitting manner.

All 5 channels that we launched got an overwhelming response. Within 4 days of the launch, Facebook had 1800+ likes, 250+ comments and shares and over 150 positive reviews and ratings. Twitter had over 500 followers and 6000+ positive tweets. LinkedIn saw tremendous response with 6600+ followers and 1800+ new employees on the platform. We managed to get over 4000 impressions on as few as 7 posts on the channel.

We achieved over 1400 views of the animated video on YouTube and have 100+ subscribers already. Instagram has gathered over 75 followers and an engagement rate of 17.33% approximately.

All in all, the launch campaign was extremely successful by any parameter and this is evidenced in the numbers mentioned above. We can proudly say that we catapulted Vijaya Bank into the realm of social media with a bang!

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