August 21, 2014

AB Testing

The new Social Media buzz is all about A/B testing to cure your content and optimize it better. It may sound a little medical with the tests and cure but it’s a simple tried and tested technique and it works!

A/B testing is a simple test to identify whether A works better or B works better. A and B are the two elements (can be content, design, placements, headlines etc) which are tested simultaneously and the one that performs better is retained and promoted and the other one is gutted.

Who needs it?

Basically everyone from SEO specialists to marketers to advertisers to designers, everyone needs it. One of the most simple and needed use is in websites. You could test out two variations of the website with a different design, content and placement. The variation that yields a higher conversion rate is the one that we can go ahead with.

How to do it?

Here’s an easy example of how it can be done in an emailer. There are two subject lines that we send out, after one particular subject line gets a certain number of clicks that same subject line is used for the rest of the mailers.

AB Testing of a campaign

Who should do it?

There are a few tools in the market that let you do the testing for mailers or website but you always need a professional to undertake it and assess the results. It is a strategy that every company should use and this can definitely help in revenue optimization. Technical barriers, lack of a reliable process and inexperienced staff can lead to no results or inconsistent results. Make sure to tackle these before you start your next campaign.

So, what are you testing next?

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