November 04, 2019

How to Humanize your Brand with Social Media Marketing Services

Humanizing a brand through social media marketing means allowing social media experts to interact with the brand’s audience with a personal touch. It also means breathing life into the unique brand voice that will forge connections that will further keep followers engaged. Engaging with the audience through social media on a meaningful level helps humanize a brand. The reason why Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are successful is because they encourage brands to have two-way conversations with their audience. Hence to lead these conversations into valuable conversions, a brand needs to display their human side through social media interactions and posts. The modern-day consumer values intense personalization and engagement, and humanizing a brand is one great way to draw their attention. Let’s talk about how leveraging social media to humanize a brand can help foster more engaging connections with the audience:

Use Emojis to Encourage Emotional Responses

Emojis are mostly available on all popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They give marketers an easy way to communicate emotional interest with visuals, that can be used to keep the audience hooked in different ways. A brand can also attribute a human emotion to the overall persona of the business during specific events by using the “feeling/activity” feature on Facebook. use emojis in social media marketing

Show a Sense of Humour

Showing off your funny bone is an easy and effective way to connect with the audience on social media. The three factors to keep in mind when using humour are have fun, share information and stay in control. It is also important to make sure that the humour being used doesn’t hurt the sentiments of other people.

Bring the Team into the Spotlight

Strong and authentic brands attach loyalty not only to their products but also to their employees. Audiences are also interested to know the people behind a great brand. Letting them see the people behind the business is a powerful way to humanize your brand. Sharing pictures of celebrations, behind-the-scenes videos, fun outings and team bonding activities on the website and social media are all great ways to show off company culture and form a connection with the audience. Social Media Team

Share user-generated Content

Sharing user-generated content helps a brand humanize in three ways: ● It is flattering and amusing to the user whose photo and content gets featured. ● It shows other consumers that the brand has a good reputation and relationship with its customers. ● It shows that the products are good and people enjoy using them. Instead of asking the audience or followers to blindly trust a brand or believe their claims, consumers will see real-life people loving the products or services which will promote trustworthiness and brand loyalty. social media user generated content

Customer Appreciation

Letting customers know that you care about and appreciate them is one of the best ways to humanize a brand. Personal touches such as company-branded merchandise, special discounts or celebratory gifts with a personalized message go a long way in establishing a connect. To make things more budget-friendly, brands may appreciate new and loyal customers by sending a welcome or thank you email.

Avoid Posting like a Marketer

Avoid using industry jargon, formal sentences or any talk in third-person. Use vocabulary that is warm, inviting and personalized. Social media is all about creating dialogue and building relationships. Create posts that are conversational in nature and use more of "you" and "me" phrases. Social media marketing for brands is an essential part of a business marketing strategy. It helps to connect with customers, build brand awareness and also increase sales and leads. Humanizing a brand will boost this on an overall basis. With the above-mentioned tips for humanizing a brand, consumers will be able to connect with the brand, relate to it on a deeper level and want to have a relationship with the organisation on a long term basis. To know more on humanizing a brand or social media marketing services, leave us a message and we will get back to you!