September 07, 2015

Ittisa: A Digital Media Agency's Journey to Success

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive in some, but it comes alive and stays that way in so few. This constant, burning, unwavering passion is what differentiates a winner from the rest.

Ittisa’s journey to its current strong position is one that is sprinkled with ups and downs, highs and lows, but by persisting on the path of creativity, analysis and boundless imagination, we have conquered many a campaign and reached a place where we can finally say that yes, we’ve had our share of successes, and we’re hungry for so much more.

The very fact that we’re able to stand out as an agency and deliver the goods one after the other is testimony to the fact that we have a good leader. While each one of us is a leader in our own right, and possess individual talent and inner ability to nudge ourselves towards conquering a task, we do have a special, important person backing us tirelessly. Our CEO, Sneh Sharma, stands to inspire us day in and day out, synonymous as she is with perseverance and an unbending determination to produce the best results in whatever we do. This is the reason, perhaps, that Ittisa has reached heights none would have imagined in such a short span of time.

To know the full story of how Sneh’s and Ittisa’s journey has panned out from their first step to where we are now, read on.