AB InBev

Innovation Shots by Beer Garage is the innovation hub of AB InBev that helps build sustainable business improving lives of communities via technology. They aim at driving innovation by fostering a strong community of ecosystem stakeholders like startups, SMEs, innovators, incubators, accelerators, academia, and venture capitalists.

The Challenge: Innovation Shots wanted to reach the startup community through optimized targeting with the objective of lead generation.

The Solution: Innovation Shots had close to no social media presence and hence wanted to kick start the social media activities on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We launched the brand on social media by doing startup highlights, industry trends and promoting podcasts.

The lead generation campaign was targeted to reach startup founders with the objective of gaining applications to their Accelerator Programme. Different teams worked together hand in hand to achieve the desired goals of the brand. Along with the lead generation campaigns, we also invested in social media activities to increase the engagement rate and build a strong startup community on all the social media platforms.

Key Results:

  • Launched SM channels, and podcast on Apple, Google & Medium
  • 300+ applications received for 2 editions of the Accelerator Programme through our marketing efforts
  • 7.86% rate of engagement on LinkedIn (industry standard being 2%-4%)