Search Engine Marketing

Why does your business need search engine marketing services?

Search Engine Marketing Services or SEM Services are the fastest way to get your website on top of search pages and bring targeted traffic to your website 24/7. With more than a billion websites and over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone, consumers are searching for reviews, content, products, services, etc. Therefore, it has become all the more important for your website to be displayed on the top of the search page in order to reach out to prospective customers. Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM) involves a set of activities to promote one’s website so that the visibility of the website increases in search engine results.

Search engine marketing services at Ittisa:

There are various factors that decide whether or not your company’s paid campaign will be effective. Firstly, we make sure the targeted pages are traffic ready. It is of utmost importance to ensure that the site loads within 3 seconds and have an easy navigation bar, descriptive pages and engaging content. Secondly, we come up with an optimum media plan based on bids and budget. This, when done strategically, gives the most effective results.

At Ittisa, as a PPC company in Bangalore, we believe in offering search engine marketing services in combination with our SEO strategies to bring about distinct results. SEM shouldn’t focus solely on PPC advertising (Pay per Click) but should complement the SEO efforts put in to make the website appear organically on SERP’s. We use SEM or PPC services to successfully select users on search engines through targeted ads including Google Adwords and redirect them to a fully optimized page, which is engaging, and user-friendly.

So by investing more time and effort in optimizing your website, you become not only organically relevant to searches but also get better results on PPC campaigns. Higher CTR, lower bid rates and more conversions are the results of great PPC campaigns. The traffic attracted is also- more focused, more committed, and more desirous of your services. Our process involves doing extensive keyword analysis, studying competition and then arriving at a campaign idea and structure. Campaign tracking is done on a regular basis, to give your company a convincing edge in paid results.