Kitchens of India

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Kitchens of India

Kitchens Of India is a renowned exporter of many varieties of exotic Indian cuisine to various regions of the world. To keep the dishes authentic, the firm adheres to traditional cooking methods.

The Challenge: Create awareness about the product range spread across three categories which were Gourmet Delights, Daily Treats, and Desserts.

The Solution: For KOI, we created a Social Media Content Strategy. We were able to grow the brand’s organic social media following while also raising awareness of the product categories and the content buckets associated with them. We also looked for trending moments and special occasions that could be associated with the brand. We curated content ideas to increase engagement on KOI’s social media accounts. We made certain to provide content that educates customers on KOI product features such as convenience, safe packing, and restaurant-style food.

We also ensured that each creative was placed in the appropriate content bucket, which educates about the products’ unique selling points.

The Results:

  • Obtained category-driven awareness for the social media content.
  • Achieved an average monthly reach of 8000.
  • 28% increase in monthly reach on Instagram across 6 months.
  • 18% increase in the engagement rate.

Accel Atoms

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Accel Atoms

Accel Atoms is a pre-seeding funding program by Accel for early stage startups in India. It offers 1:1 mentoring from the best operators in the respective industries and help raise seed capital for budding startups.

The Challenge: To create social channels for Accel Atoms that would cater to the startup audience through education of the startup ecosystem, with the ultimate goal to motivate them to apply for the 100-day ‘Accel Atoms’ program which offered them capital, mentoring and the right network to kickstart their company.

The Solution:

  • Creating a social media plan which taken into account all the pillars of Accel Atoms: Partners at Accel, Analysts and Employees at Accel, Mentors, Atoms Cohort Founders and Accel Portfolio Leaders
  • Creating long-form content with deep research on industry topics like cybersecurity, creator economy and direct-to-consumer industry
  • Working with multiple stakeholders to get the content pipeline ready weeks in advance

Himalayan Natives

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Himalayan Natives

Himalayan Natives is an organic food brand with the vision to bring 100% natural and wholesome food, sourced from the Himalayas to all. It offers a range of natural grocery products that are nutritious, rich in flavour and aroma, and contain no added colours or preservatives.

The Challenge: Himalayan Natives wanted to build a 360-degree marketing strategy for the brand across the country. They wanted to position themselves as a brand that is sourced directly from nature with the finest ingredients.

The Solution: Himalayan Natives is a nature-inspired food brand, and we made sure that it was highlighted in our brand positioning and marketing strategies. We started working for Himalayan Natives in 2019 and have continued to work hand-in-hand with their team everyday to achieve the social media as well as sales objectives together. We worked on their social media channels with engaging campaigns, brand origin stories and product promotions.

We also worked on Himalayan Natives’ SEO where we were able to bring them from the 10th to the 1st page of the search result, and which helped in increasing the organic traffic and revenue through website sales. Along with the SEO activities, we also strategized and created various Facebook and Instagram sales-focused Ads for the brand.

In between our marketing efforts, in the IPL Season of 2022 Himalayan Natives became the Official Natural Foods Partner of Royal Challengers Bangalore. We also did a social media campaign around it called #EatStrongPlayStrong. This association helped in improving the reach of the brand across all channels and increased the website traffic as well. We also worked on an integration with Wigzo, a marketing automation tool, to improve Himalayan Natives’ responsiveness across various communication channels like email and whatsapp.

The Results:

  • 2 fold revenue increase from May 2022 to June 2022
  • Overall website traffic increased by 5 fold from Q1 to Q2 2022
  • Built an Instagram community of around 30.3k followers


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Navi Finserv is an easy-finance app which has a systematic and focused approach to meet the borrowing needs of the middle income families They aim to be a Pan India Financial Services Company and provide the full spectrum of financial services, by developing various types of financial products like Home Loans, Personal Loans and Health Insurance.

The Challenge: Navi Finserv, being new to the finance ecosystem, wanted to create a brand awareness about their products and services through social media.

The Process: We built Navi Finserv’s social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They wanted to create awareness about their Instant Personal & Home Loans through their communication. We positioned the Navi Finserv as a brand that you can depend on, highlighting the 5-minute loan approval process, paperless transactions and personal and home loans up to 5 Lakhs and 1.5 Crore respectively. We created interesting and engaging social media campaigns and contests to connect with the audience and build a community of potential customers.

The Results:

  • Build the social media presence for Navi Finserv on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Gained around 12k followers across all social media platforms
  • Positioned Navi as a dependable brand to get quick and paperless loans


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RV University

RV Educational Institutions have a long tradition of giving exceptional and high-quality education to pupils. Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST) manages the institutions and is committed to providing excellent education to students from all walks of life. The institution now offers degrees in liberal arts and sciences, design, economics, and finance.

The Challenge: RVU wanted to increase their online engagement with their students, and they wanted a place to disseminate the latest RVU news and events (Expert Talks, DPL, Clubs, Webinars, etc.) with the long-term goal of increasing brand awareness and reputation building.

The Solution: We managed RVU’s social media presence, and we encouraged student interaction by creating user-generated content and giving them a platform to speak through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We also shared motivating and inspiring content with them in order to help them develop their entrepreneurial, leadership, and creative skills. We kept their social media platforms up to date on university news.
We also published pop-culture and trending content and news, Memes, Reels, and exploring formats relevant to college students. Being socially and politically conscious. We also focused on Moment marketing in order to connect with their audience.

We gave their users a sense of RVU as a brand by showcasing student and faculty life through images and content on their social media handles. And contributed to their good reputation.

Key Results:

  • Organically achieved 1267 followers on IG, 6179 followers on Facebook, 2027 followers on linkedin and 150 subscribers on youtube.
  • Achieved an average monthly engagement and reach of 5,086 and 20,63,382 respectively across all social channels.


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Qaadu is a beauty and wellness brand, which develops products using natural and pure ingredients. Their products are vegan and their formulas are based on herbal remedies. Qaadu’s holistic approach to personal care and good health for the whole family shines through in all their products.

The Challenge: Qaadu wanted to establish a strong presence and increase brand awareness on social media. The brand was looking for innovative formats and content to make it stand out.

The Solution: The Qaadu brand is a young brand into all natural, vegan beauty and wellness products, thus we had to kickstart brand awareness by setting up social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To increase brand awareness, we published informative and informative Instagram stories highlighting the importance of vegan Qaadu products, and we had influencer campaigns that increased followers, engagement, and traffic. We also posted interactive content, Q&A sessions throughout the month.

The Results:

  • Built online presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Gained 1,784 followers in a span of 7 months.

Priya Oils

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Priya Oils

A popular among modern homemakers, Priya Oils is a cooking oil brand that gives an authentic and flavourful food experience while ensuring overall good health! They have a wide range of oils including Sunflower Oil, Soyabean Oil, Mustard Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Palmolein Oil and Vanaspati.

The Challenge: Priya Oil is a major cooking oil brand in Maharashtra and wanted to reach out to modern day homemakers through social media and build an online community with their target audience.

The Solution: We set up the social media channels for Priya Oils on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Priya Oils wanted to tell the story of Priya, who is a modern day homemaker. We created social media communications with the help of attractive visuals of different vegetarian dishes. Each type of oil is used to prepare different dishes, and that was one of the most important parts of our communication. We strategized and created regular campaigns to enhance user engagement and interest like #TiffinTimeWithPriyaOils, #YourKitchenPartnerPriya, #PriyaRakheDilKaKhayal, and many more.

We also built a media plan to reach the target audience and increase engagement of the social media channels across the passing months. The idea was to reach the right audience with the right kind of communication.

Key Results:

  • 21,505 followers over the span of 10 months
  • 160k+ average monthly engagement across all social media platforms

Aster Labs

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Aster Labs

Aster Labs provides patient-centred care by utilising highly skilled employees and cutting-edge technologies. So that their customers can always receive the best healthcare.

The Challenge: Achieve engagement, reach, followers, impressions on digital platforms for a greater reach and better connectivity with the target audience.

The Solution: We conducted market research for Aster Labs, researching many factors such as industry overview, competitor analysis, and eventually proposing several ideas such as what should be brand positioning, brand objectives, customer funnel, and what customers care about.

After that, we built a brand awareness campaign for the brand. We initially mentioned the problems, followed by ‘Consideration,’ in which we suggested Aster Labs as the answer. Following which we also created carousel ads that highlighted the company’s unique selling points. Once that was done, we worked on how the company’s customers would trust the brand, and we proposed suggestions for building the Trust Test. Therefore we worked on a ‘Conversion’ campaign regarding functional details of what the business offers. As a result, we designed a content marketing bucket for the brand and developed Social Media campaigns and landing pages for the company.

Eventually we curate content and manage their SM presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram also manage their GMB.

Key Results:

We were able to achieve the KPI’s (engagement, reach, followers, impressions) set quarterly, and saw an organic increase in followers, and promoted lab launches.

  • Achieved 11k followers across social media platforms in the span of 6 months.
  • An average reach of 3,48,871.5 per month across social media for 1 quarter.


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Master Chef

ITC Master Chef aims to inspire cooking enthusiasts to find their inner Master Chef. It brings a range of quality ingredients and ready to cook products that make cooking even more exciting. All ITC Master Chef products offer the best quality, reduce preparation time and come with the ease of cooking & storage. They offer their TA a range of quality products (frozen snacks, frozen prawns, cooking pastes, gravies, dehydrated onions & mango pulp).

The Challenge: ITC wanted to launch the Ready To Eat category of products on social media, with the message of inspiration for cooking enthusiasts to find their inner Master Chef. They also wanted to build a loyal customer base of organic followers.

The Solution: ITC being a major player in the FMCG market, has a loyal customer base that trusts in their products. Our aim was to connect with those customers and build trust amongst new customers through our social media activities. We gained a huge organic following through innovative campaigns, contests and engagement activities on Master Chef’s social channels.

We successfully launched the RTE range on the social media platforms and built a brand identity and recall for the brand online. We created engaging social media posts around various topicals, conducted online contests and campaigns for the brand which helped in building a strong community of cooking enthusiasts.

Key Results:

  • Launched the RTE range of products on social media
  • 3947 organic followers across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram over a span of 1.5 years

AB InBev

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AB InBev

Innovation Shots by Beer Garage is the innovation hub of AB InBev that helps build sustainable business improving lives of communities via technology. They aim at driving innovation by fostering a strong community of ecosystem stakeholders like startups, SMEs, innovators, incubators, accelerators, academia, and venture capitalists.

The Challenge: Innovation Shots wanted to reach the startup community through optimized targeting with the objective of lead generation.

The Solution: Innovation Shots had close to no social media presence and hence wanted to kick start the social media activities on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We launched the brand on social media by doing startup highlights, industry trends and promoting podcasts.

The lead generation campaign was targeted to reach startup founders with the objective of gaining applications to their Accelerator Programme. Different teams worked together hand in hand to achieve the desired goals of the brand. Along with the lead generation campaigns, we also invested in social media activities to increase the engagement rate and build a strong startup community on all the social media platforms.

Key Results:

  • Launched SM channels, and podcast on Apple, Google & Medium
  • 300+ applications received for 2 editions of the Accelerator Programme through our marketing efforts
  • 7.86% rate of engagement on LinkedIn (industry standard being 2%-4%)