Hyatt Place

(Social Media)

Hyatt Place Hampi by Hyatt Group of Hotels is an upscale, select-service hotel designed to offer a refreshing choice to business and leisure travellers. Hyatt believes in doing things differently with the right combination of style, innovation and 24/7 convenience to create a perfectly seamless stay with every modern comfort.

Objective: Popularise Hampi as a weekend destination

Services Offered: Social Media Management, Content Marketing

Our digital plan involved putting out enough information as a part of an engaging content marketing strategy so that viewers would be interested and could take an informed choice. For this, we needed constant interaction with existing fans while acquiring new ones. We focused on painting Hampi as the perfect short distance travel destination for both corporates and leisure travellers. By targeting Karnataka dwellers, we focused on a small niche that really worked in terms of ROI. Travel tips, interesting facts about Hampi, holiday packages, brand promotion posts, travel quizzes and more provided effective social media marketing results and witnessed a tremendous increase in the overall engagement of the brand.